Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope everyone has had a great day full of family and yummy food! This was my first Thanksgiving in several years where my family hasn't gone to Georgia to see my aunt, uncle and cousins.  This year we didn't because I'm only home for several days and I already traveled from PA to NC. But we had a very nice meal just my parents, my brother and I. My dad made some really good turkey, he was super excited to use his Infrared cooker they got a few weeks ago. 
Anyways, I have so much to be thankful for, my family, friends, boyfriend, all of my amazing followers, my school, the fact that I got home safely despite the weather on Tuesday (there were some issues in the airports, but I made it), basically everything in my life :)
 I also hope everyone enjoys their Black Friday shopping! I won't be participating because yesterday I got a little too excited being reunited with my favorite stores and spent a little too much money. However, my Etsy shop Chevron Stripe Shop is offering FREE Shipping to the first 10 customers starting at 7:00 pm tonight, if you use the code TURKEYDAY
Thanks for reading!
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  1. I love this I may have to check out this sale :)) Great post!