My Favorite New Arrivals from Lilly Pulitzer and More!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've had a test or a mid term in almost every class either last week or this week, and our weather has been less than ideal for outfit posts. It's currently snowing, so I'm pretending it's not by looking at new arrivals from some of my favorite stores, here are some of my favorites!
Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly new arrivals

I have a bit of an obsession with peplum tops, the two tops here are must haves for me!
C Wonder
C Wonder new arrivals

The C Wonder home items are just too cute, and I'm in love with these cork wedges
J. Crew Factory
J. Crew Factory New Arrivals

I'm so glad they made the orange print shirt for the Factory, I tried to track it down from the retail store last year and they couldn't find one for me anywhere!
Hopefully Hannah and I can get back into outfit posts sometime soon, the weather forecast is finally starting to look up over the weekend!
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Hi everyone! I got back from Spring Break Sunday night and since then I've been pretty busy with mid-terms this week and next week. So I thought I would share some of my Instagrams mostly from break, if you don't follow me already my Insta is @cara_194
 An after-church Sunday brunch with my parents at one of my favorite restaurants

My Etta pumps from the J. Crew Clearance Center, styled in this post 

I stayed in my pajamas all day when I re-designed my blog last Thursday, and had this chocolate mousse tartlet from the Whole Foods bakery to celebrate once it was finished

I was so excited when this French Print J. Crew shirt was on sale when I spent the weekend in Charlotte, and I got some amazing macarons. If you're ever in Charlotte, go visit Amelie's French Bakery! 

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with coffee in my festive Vineyard Vines cup in between classes yesteday

Today it's warm enough to not have to wear a thick sweater and cords so I'm wearing my hat and Lilly scarf with a t shirt and jeans
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Shorts Weather in Charlotte

Hi everyone! I've been in Charlotte since yesterday and the weather has been amazing! I finally got to wear shorts for the first time since probably early October. I'm not really looking forward to going back to sweaters when I'm back at school up north tomorrow

Shirt: Madewell (via J. Crew Factory), Shorts: J. Crew (old, via clearance center), Necklace: TJ Maxx, Bracelets: Kiel James Patrick, J. Crew Factory, Alex and Ani, Bag: Personalized From Me to You, Shoes: local boutique, Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger (old, via Marshalls)
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Navy or Nothing

Hi everyone! For today's post I am wearing a lot of what I got from my trip to the J. Crew Clearance Center. I was inspired by Mackenzie Horan's hashtag #navyornothing and Carly the College Prepster's "I can have fun in a blazer" when I put this outfit together

Blazer: J. Crew, Shirt: J. Crew Factory (old, via J. Crew Clearance Center), Jeans: True Religion (old), Shoes: J. Crew, Headband: I think Delias? its really old, Bracelets: Kiel James Patrick, J. Crew Factory, Alex and Ani, Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger (old, via Marshall's)

thanks to my boyfriend for taking these pictures!

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Caralina Style

I have officially changed my blog to Caralina Style, like my name Cara and my state North Carolina! I have a domain and a new layout, I hope you all like it!
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A Trip to the J. Crew Clearance Center

Hi everyone! Since I'm home for spring break, my mom and I took a trip to the J. Crew Clearance Center in Lynchburg VA. I tried to get pictures of the store, but I only had my phone, forgive the quality!
Now this is not a J. Crew Factory store, the Clearance Store is where the returns and overstocks go for great prices! Most of it is Women's but there is a small Men's section, a Madewell section (they are owned by J. Crew) and a Bridal section. It is in an Industrial Park but it is set up like a store.
They had a really great selection of all Women's clothes, shoes, and some bags and jewelry. There are 2 locations: Lynchburg VA and Arden NC. My mom and I took the 2 hour trip to VA today and we got some incredible deals! 
I have to say there are a lot of flaws on some of the clothes like stains and small rips, just check everything over as you're trying it on. Some of it is in-season clothes, but I feel like most of it is from the past year. They also have warehouse sales, where things are marked down even more!
There is also a "red-line" section where everything is an extra 50% off, I got a few things from that section, including a pair of Minnie pants for $10 and a pajama top for $7.50! 
From what I saw, I think the best markdowns were pants, tees/knits, blazers, and shoes. Some of the tops had great mark downs, but others I have found cheaper on sale at a J. Crew retail store. The jewelry and bag markdowns were still fairly expensive. They also take the 15% off student/teacher discount!
My mom got the Edie bag and a chambray shirt
Thanks to my student discount after the already discounted prices, I got the wool Schoolboy Blazer (I've wanted this for several years) for $51, normally $198. Etta pumps for $60, normally $200. Minnie pants in black for $10 and navy for $17, normally $110. And I wasn't completely sure about the savings for the others!
If you live anywhere within an hour or two of either location, or as a detour on a road trip, it's definitely worth the trip!
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Home for Spring Break!

Hi everyone! I'm home for spring break and don't let the snow fool you, I'm back in NC and it has been so warm! Sorry I didn't have access to my SLR so these are iPhone pictures. I've been wanting to try out this baseball cap trend for a while, I've been obsessed with the Southern Proper ones but I went to J. Crew and this was on sale for $11, and it matched what I was already wearing, so it was meant to be. It was even nice enough to get a Starbucks Frappucino instead of a latte, which was a nice change!

Now getting home was actually very difficult. Thursday afternoon, I got a call from Delta a few hours before I even left for the airport saying my connecting flight, that was going to take me home was cancelled. They re-booked me connecting through a different airport and through US Airways. I've never had a good experience with US Airways, ever. My first flight was fine, I got some Chick-Fil-A in the airport and I was already to take my next flight home. 
That flight was delayed for a little, and then an hour into the flight they said they couldn't land because of freezing rain so they took us all the way back to the airport we left from. By this time, it was almost midnight so there was no avoiding spending the night in the airport. They gave us all tickets for the next flight in the morning and I stayed in the little rooms people use for long layovers to take a nap or get some work done. 
About 6 hours later, Friday morning, I was ready to get on the next plane and get home. We boarded the plane, sat on the runway for a while and they said the flight was cancelled, so we all had to get off the plane. Next I was re-booked on a flight about an hour later from that time to a different NC airport. I boarded that flight, and they told us "we thought the captain was in the airport, but he's actually 45 minutes away" so it took about an hour and a half of sitting on the runway, and then we finally made it to NC! Of course, once I got there they lost my luggage (that was originally a carry on, but it was gate checked for the flight that got turned around!) but it was brought to my house the next day. It was so great to finally make it home and I was just lucky that the ice storm didn't take the power out at my house like it did for a lot of people in my area!

Hat: J. Crew, Sweater: J. Crew Factory (similar), Shirt: Ralph Lauren (old), Jeans: Lilly Pulitzer (old color, similar), Necklace: Fornash, Bag: Personalized From Me To You, Shoes: Tory Burch (old, like 2010)

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Currently Craving: Jack Rogers

Hi everyone! Jack Rogers sandals are probably my favorite thing to wear in the summer, and they have some gorgeous new styles! Here are some of my favorites!
The Rosalie in navy
The Palermo in Carribbean Blue/Cork
The Monogrammed ones are now available in Platinum!
Sparkle Glitter in navy
Which are your favorite for this year?

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