Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Your celebration might look a little bit different this year depending on your state orders. But regardless, the online shopping is still the same! So as always, I've rounded up a list of some of the best sites to shop. And the sales are even bigger this year!

Alo Yoga- up to 50% off
Ann Taylor- up to 60% and extra 70% off select sale styles
Anthropologie- extra 50% off sale styles
Athleta- summer essentials starting at $14.99
Banana Republic- up to 75% off everything
Baublebar- up to 70% off
Bandier- extra 30% off sale styles
Brooks Brothers- up to 70% off
Carbon38- up to 80% off
Gigi New York- 25% off with code "FAMILY25"
Kate Spade- extra 40% off sale styles
Loft- 50% off and 60% off for loyalty members
Loren Hope- 20% off sitewide
lululemon- up to 50% off
Milly- up to 80% off
Nordstrom- up to 60% off
Nordstrom Rack- dresses up to  70% off
Old Navy- tees, shorts, tanks and swim 50% off
Saks Off Fifth- 50% off jeans, buy one get one 50% off sunglasses, and extra 25% off clearance shoes and bags
Sam Edelman- 20% off sitewide
Sephora- up to 50% off select items
Sole Society- 50% off with code "SUMMERGO"
Tuckernuck- extra 25% off markdowns with code "BERRY25"
Ulta- daily steals up to 50% off
Urban Outfitters- extra 30% off sale styles

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Heatless Curls and Recent Beauty Buys

Has anyone else been doing all of the self care while working from home? I have been answering emails while doing hair masks (more on that for a future post), teeth whitening (with the kit from this post), and trying lots of new products. I actually think a good bit of the money I would normally spend on clothing and workout classes has definitely been going to the skincare and makeup departments lately. One of my favorite discoveries has to be robe curls. I saw this on both Instagram and TikTok and sort of thought it was too good to be true. This article tells you all about it and includes a video on how to do it. But you basically wrap your hair around a robe belt or towel, go to sleep, and wake up with curled hair. I tried it with dry hair and was shocked at how well they turned out!
This photo was taken just after I took it out in the morning, but I did not spray the curls and they surprisingly help up well. So this is sort of a game changer for me, no heat or hair products required! I think it is pretty similar to what I would get with a curling iron, at least on the lower layers on my hair. I did not get much curl out of the higher pieces around my face. But those pieces usually fall pretty quickly when I do curl them with heat anyway.

On to the skincare and makeup...
Re-orders and products I have already tried:
CeraVe zinc sunscreen- my pale self is all about a mineral sunscreen and this one served my well last year. So I just ordered 2 more bottles of it. It does leave quite a white cast on your skin, so I would not put it on my face, and it will make you look paler. But I think it works great for days at the beach, lake, etc. if you're covered in moles and paranoid like I am.
Elta MD tinted sunscreen- my dermatologist recommended this to me years ago, so I thought I would give it a try again to layer under foundation.
Sephora liquid eyeliner- I actually first discovered this through a campaign last year, and it's so great I had to get another one.
Olay Regenerist night cream- I will admit I went for this one because I have seen so much about this line of moisturizers from other bloggers. I got a trial size of the classic one and liked the results, but usually only apply it at night (I love the Origins Original Skin moisturizer for day time). So I went for the nighttime version in the full size.
Ella and Mila soy nail polish remover- I saw this on TikTok had to give it a try. It definitely costs a bit more than a regular nail polish remover, and takes longer to remove the polish. But it doesn't have a harsh smell and is supposed to actually nourish your nails.
Derma E BB cream- I wanted to love this, I really did. It has zinc sunscreen in it, costs quite a bit less than my other favorite BB cream, and is from a clean beauty brand. But they only have 2 shade offerings, and the "light" unfortunately looks a little orange on me.

New products I'm waiting to try:
Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit (sold out)- The link no longer works, but for $39 it is I think 1 full size and 15 trial size sunscreen products. I thought this was a great value and easy way to test out some pricey SPF options to see which ones I liked best.
St. Tropez self tanning face serum- I love their self tanning products for body, so I thought this could be a good option for my face. I almost went for the Isle of Paradise drops, but I read some reviews from some users with acne-prone skin that turned me away from it. I don't think my skin would react well to the coconut oil in them.
Megababe Rosy Pits deodorant- I've been meaning to try some aluminum-free deodorant for while now, so what better time than while quarantined? I've listened to quite a few podcasts with the brand's founder Katie Sturino, who is also an influencer and thought this could be a good place to start.
Mario Badescu rose water toner- I've tried the Pixi rose water toner that I initially really liked, but have been starting to question lately. I am about to run out of that one, so I thought I would try this one that has some witch to see if I liked it better.
Covergirl Clean Matte BB cream- I've heard some good things about this product lately, and like that a clean option is so affordably priced. So why not give it a try for only $10? It does not have SPF like most BB creams. But since I also recently bought a lot of SPF to layer under it, I thought I would try this as my "darker" (by that I mean, slightly less pale) summer shade.

Products recently sent to me I have loved:
RealHer "Eye Am Beautiful" mascara- I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best mascara I've ever tried!
RealHer "I Am Amazing" lipstick- this is a really nice shade of red and I love their positive branding that is different for each shade.
WinkyLux eyebrow pencil- I feel like some brow pencils I have tried go on thick and I have to tone it back and brush it out. That is not the case for this one, it fills in my brows so easily!
WinkyLux pH lip balm- these balms react to your pH and give a really nice subtle color.
WinkyLux hyaluronic acid moisturizing gel- I've been meaning to add some hyaluronic acid to my routine and this moisturizer was a very simple way to do it. Plus the packaging is really pretty!

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Fitness Friday 23

Week 7 of quarantine and my 2nd Fitness Friday post in quarantine, how are the home workouts going? You'll see from my schedule below, I was very motivated to move some weeks and struggling a little bit other weeks. We  have had some beautiful weather for walking around the neighborhood, but not having somewhere to go for a workout has kept me from exercising as much as I normally would some weeks. But I have been consistent with food for the most part, I just keep buying the same mostly healthy groceries and have picked up some takeout a few times.

Week of 3/30-4/5
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live (twice)
Ballet on Instagram Live with @isabellaboylston
Slider workout from @kirstygodso
Sculpt on Instagram Live with @savbutler
Flybarre on Instagram Live with @barretotable
305 Fitness on Sweatnet Charlotte (use code "STREAMFREE" for a free month)

Week of 4/6-4/12
Toned on Instagram Live with @fitatelier
Flybarre with @barretotable
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live
 20 minute yoga from Yoga with Adrienne

Week of 4/13-4/19
Flybarre with @barretotable
Cardio Burner on SweatNET Charlotte
FlyFIT on SweatNET Charlotte
305 Fitness on SweatNET Charlotte

Week of 4/20-4/26
Core HIIT on SweatNET Charlotte
Jabs by Gina on @propelwater
Glute burn on SweatNET Charlotte
Neighborhood Barre on SweatNET Charlotte
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live

Week of 4/27-today
Jabs by Gina on Zoom
Pilates with Greensboro Ballet (where I grew up dancing) on Instagram Live
Sculpt express on SweatNET Charlotte


  1. Not much to report here. I mentioned my go-to quarantine foods in last month's version of this post, and not much has changed. I've sort of kept the same rotation of those foods I have already mentioned.
  2. But I have gotten back into some slightly healthier baking, like these flourless (non-refined sugar) peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they turned out great!
  3. I also plan on making this chickpea cookie dough recipe I've seen going around this weekend.


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Past Outfit Favorites On Sale Now

Dress ($35.99 from $110) | Very similar wedges ($103.60 from $148)

Entering week 6 of quarantine and I'm starting to give in to the online shopping. I'm so fortunate to still be working, but I know that is not the case for many. If I did not leave my last job, I would be included in that number of those out of work right now. So I am in no way trying to be insensitive to that with this post. But if you are passing some of this time shopping, I thought I would share some great deals on some of my favorite pieces I've styled on the blog before. I'm still trying to support local over large retailers, but I just had to share some of these great markdowns!

Jeans ($23.99 from $75, and many other great styles that usually start at $128)

Seersucker top ($26.99 from $68) | Seersucker bottoms ($11.39 from $44)

Dress ($48.98 from $178)

Sweater ($47.99 from $118) | Layering turtleneck ($8.39 from $39.50)

Leggings ($39.97 from $88)

Pullover ($25.79 from $138) | Sneakers ($60 from $80)

Earrings ($29.97 from $80)

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Lilly Pulitzer 30% off Sale Picks

Ruffle trim dress | Pink lace dress | Printed jumpsuit | T-shirt dress | White lace romper | Seersucker dress | Eyelet dress | Wide-leg jumpsuit | Collared dress | Leggings | Sports bra | Bikini top | Bikini bottoms | One-piece swimsuit | Green dress

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Easter, despite how different it must have felt this year. But if you haven't already heard, Lilly Pulitzer is having a 30% off site-wide sale that ends tonight! I have been shopping this brand for about 9 years now, and this is the first time I have ever seen a sale like this. Which is part of what makes the bi-annual After Party Sales such a big deal. There has always been a small sale section in the stores, and they recently offered 30% off select styles online. But a site-wide sale? This is a first. So here are some of my top picks, for if life returns to normal anytime soon. But if more time in quarantine is required, their leggings are also fantastic. I might have 4 pairs of them and have been living in them lately more than ever. And if you're reading this post in the morning, there's still time to enter to win a $150 gift card to shop this sale on this Instagram post!

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Land of the Pine COVID-19 Fundraiser

Flamingo hat

My boyfriend TJ and I are so excited to re-launch Land of the Pine (the business we launched together last year) as a COVID-19 fundraiser! In effort of helping those affected by the virus, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our sales to Feeding America.
I've linked the products we have already launched below, but we plan to post more as we go. We still have 2 of the hats TJ painted last year, I created some new straw hats, and TJ is now embroidering baseball caps. If none of that appeals to you, we also have a donation only listing available on the site. But please stay tuned to our socials and the site as we add more products!

Sunflower hat

Gingham hat

Polka dot hat

Crab hat

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10 of My Unpopular Opinions

How's everyone holding up? About 4 weeks in and I'm so fortunate to be keeping busy with work, but have been very uninspired to post. I've seen this unpopular opinions post going around on Facebook, my friend's group chat discussed it last week, and What Nicole Wore made a whole post about her unpopular opinions...so I thought it would be fun to do the same! Here are 10 seemingly popular things that I do not agree with, from food to fashion choices.

1. In TV and movies: I'm not a fan of most reality TV (cannot watch The Bachelor franchise but did like Love is Blind), horror movies, superhero and the big fantasy franchises like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. I know those are very different categories to put together, but I just don't see the appeal to any of them.

2. When it comes to food, I don't like: onions, peppers, bananas, coconut, and nuts when they are added to desserts. Maybe I'm just still a picky eater at 26, but adding any of those ingredients ruins any food in my opinion.

3. As far as drinks are concerned: coffee never needs any additives (this was an acquired taste, but now I can never go back), I love just plain water, and I would always prefer vodka or gin over tequila.

4. I'm not a big fan of theme parks. I get motion sickness, so the idea of waiting in long lines in the heat to possibly puke at the end just isn't my idea of a good time. I enjoyed the whole environment of them when I was younger, but I still didn't go on any big roller coasters. I now just see them as a far from ideal way to spend a lot of money.

5. I only like to read books in airports and near a beach or pool. I read a lot growing up, but fell out of it when was I was in high school/college from the reading I had to do for classes. I really would like to read more...but I would just rather do so many other things unless I am waiting on a flight or hanging out by the water.

6. As much as I love fitness classes, I just can't get in to cycling classes or running. I just never developed the cardio for either one. I sort of blame ballet because it is structured to either be a marathon of slow movements or quick bursts of really fasts ones. 

7. I prefer listening to podcasts rather than music while driving. I couldn't tell you the last time I put a playlist together, I opened Spotify for the first time in quite awhile when I started working from home a few weeks ago.

8. This is very blogger specific, but I just can't talk to my phone on Instagram stories. I don't feel like I have anything important enough to say, and I rarely ever have sound on my phone. So I don't watch a lot of other creator's talking stories either, with the exception of friends and some of my favorite accounts.

9. Also very anti-blogger of me, I could think of so many better ways to spend the money it would cost to buy a bag or pair of shoes from a high-end designer. You could take a trip, buy a nice camera, get tickets to quite a few concerts or performances. Even if you buy pre-owned of a top name designer, I could still take the same amount of money and buy 2-4 bags or pairs of shoes from a mid-range designer that still makes great quality products.

10. I paint my own nails (except for a few times a year), don't dye my hair, and have never had any interest in getting things like eyelash extensions, Botox, fillers, etc. done.  Just personal preference, which I have to say I'm pretty happy about while quarantined!

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Iridescent Leggings and 30+ At Home Workout Options

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Koral "Magnet" leggings | Onzie "Ritz" sports bra | Adidas sneakers

I have not been looking quite like this for my at-home workouts lately, but I have been living in these leggings since I found them back in the fall. They can be such a fun statement, as they look blue in some lights, and pink in others! But now that our stay at home order has been extending for the entirety of April, I have been keeping busy (and so grateful to be) working from home, and trying out some of the many online workout options.  So I thought I would share a full list if you're still looking for ideas all from streaming sites, phone/tablet apps, and Instagram both from posts and live streams. I'm so thankful that so many of these trainers are using their time and talents to provide free content while they are unable to teach classes!

Streaming Sites and Apps
SweatNET (use code "STREAMFREE" for a free month)
Fit Atelier
Obe Fitness
Popsugar Fitness
CorePower Yoga
Tone It Up
The Sculpt Society
Physique 57
Pure Barre

Instagram Posts

Instagram Live

And if you're also a former dancer, there are quite a few ballet class options on Instagram Live as well with some of the top dancers in the world like Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside (they stream together) of American Ballet Theater, and Tiler Peck and Ashley Bouder, and Megan Fairchild of New York City Ballet.

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Fitness Friday 22

This month might look a little different than usual...but welcome back to Fitness Friday! Sure I haven't stepped in to a fitness studio or gym in over 2 weeks, but there have been no shortage of at-home workout options! I have recently posted on Instagram about what I did during the first week and some app and streaming options. But here is my schedule, as always, with the second half of it all done either on Instagram Live or streamed on the SweatNET site. This team got local Charlotte trainers together over the last two weeks and filmed 70 workouts for all to stream! They are even offering it for free for a month with code "STREAMFREE". I've definitely gotten by with just the 2 and 3 pound dumbbells and extension bands that I have in my apartment. Exercising has been a great distraction from all that has been going on, and I definitely plan on keeping this schedule for the 3 more weeks it is looking like Charlotte residents will be spending at home.

Week of 3/2-3/8
Kick boxing at RockBox (twice)
Cardio dance with 305 Fitness and SweatNET Charlotte
Megaformer pilates at SculptHouse
Barre at Flywheel Sports

Week of 3/9-3/15
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Reformer pilates at BK Pilates
PT exercises on my own
Blogilates on the FitOn app

Week of 3/16-3/22
The beginning of the all online workouts:
Jabs by Gina (twice) on Instagram Live
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live
Ballet Fit Theory on Instagram Live
Club Pilates on SweatNET Charlotte streaming
BK Pilates on SweatNET Charlotte streaming

Week of 3/23-today
Ballet Fit Theory on Instagram Live
Jabs by Gina on Instagram Live
Flywheel Barre on SweatNET Charlotte streaming
Sculpthouse on Instagram Live

I honestly don't have much to add this month due to the fact that I've been avoiding grocery stores. So I guess I'll share my quarantine staples? I have been spending a little more time cooking rather than meal prepping all at once. I've kind of just been trying to resist the urge to bake a lot of sugary things. But unlike most of social media, I have not made any bread.
  • My go-to breakfast has been either oatmeal with peanut butter, blackberry chocolate collagen, and raspberries or  avocado toast with a poached egg and Everything But the Bagel seasoning.
  • I have been making a lot of smoothie bowls for lunch, pretty simple: frozen berries, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, and granola.
  • I stocked up the basics like on pasta and my favorite cauliflower gnocchi for dinners to have with chicken and pesto or a basic pasta sauce. But I also got a chocolate protein pancake mix that has been great with strawberries and maple syrup.
  • For snacks I also stocked up on oranges, dried apricots, chocolate covered chickpeas, and pretzel chips to have with a little mozzarella!


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Navy Eyelet Dress

Let's pretend I have put on makeup or some real clothing that's not leggings and a t-shirt or pajamas in the last 9 days. So...bringing all the vintage vibes with this look! I found this navy eyelet dress during the last Lilly Pulitzer sale in January, and it's a the top of my list of items I'm excited to wear post-quarantine. I more recently found this pair of vintage Ferragamo heels at a vintage store for only $25! I'm not sure how old they are, but they were in pretty great condition and looks like they had never been worn. I was so excited to find them, as I always look for Ferragamo shoes when I go vintage shopping. Also vintage in this outfit is the scarf tied around my bag (it is silk and I found it for only $10) and the earrings we're my mom's in the 80's. Vintage accessories are quickly becoming some of my favorites, and I've recently found a few more I'll be adding into some future outfit posts as well!

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Spring Wedding Guest and Easter Dresses from Small Businesses

As I mentioned in Monday's post, this is a pretty crazy time we are in. It still feels a little strange to be promoting products while some people are facing some financial hardships while being out of work. But it also seems like there is a crowd of people that are bored and are filling their time with online shopping, so if you happen to fall into that group, this post is for you! I also thought this post would be fun to put together as something to look forward to.  I'm trying to think positively, hoping that we will be somewhat back to normal for occasions like Easter and spring weddings. In an effort to highlight some small businesses, this is a roundup of spring dresses ideal for Easter and spring weddings, (plus some white ones for brides to be) but won't be linking any department store or national chains. It is really important to be supporting small businesses while many of them are closed. Local to Charlotte that I'll be supporting are Fit Atelier and SweatNET Charlotte. They both have online streaming options with all of the home workout options. Fit Atelier has their signature exclusive classes (with a free 2 week trial) and SweatNET is adding several new classes every day with code "STREAMFREE" for a free month!

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Red Toile Dress

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Puff sleeve toile dress c/o (use code "S1Caralina15" for 15% off) | J. Crew loafer mules | Brahmin bag | Pink Reef earrings c/o | Similar sunglasses

Trying to get back to some regularly scheduled programming around here...I had a post planned for last Thursday but didn't quite feel right publishing it considering everything going on in the world with the coronavirus. I shared some thoughts in an Instagram post over the weekend, and I mostly stayed home since Friday. But I figured I would get my content started back up as it seems like a lot of people are looking to blogs as a distraction. So here is an outfit that makes me happy, because despite the craziness, it is still the beginning of spring! The return of warm weather, and spending time outside, and wearing fun dresses. So here's hoping the social distancing, business closings, and cancellations are short lived and are the solution to life returning back to normal soon.

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