First Wedding Anniversary

We are completely shocked it has been a whole year since our wedding day! It has truly been the best first year, and I'm so incredibly thankful to have TJ by my side every single day. I re-wore my shoes and earrings from the big day to celebrate, which was so much fun. Plus, we were just featured on my wedding dress designer, Eddy K's blog! Here's to many more years, and a quick look back at the best day ever!

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Hydrangea Season

Vase available via The Blue Swan

Don't you just love hydrangea season? I've been patiently checking on our hydrangea bushes every day the last few weeks. They're reaching a point where they are full of beautiful blooms and I cannot stop taking photos of them. Plus bringing a few inside to arrange in a vase. Last year, we still had some blooms through the end of September, and I hope this year is no different. I think these bushes have been around for quite awhile from a previous homeowner, and I'm so glad we get to enjoy them.  Yesterday, I cut a few blooms for some photos of new listings in my vintage shop. I might have gotten a little carried away with the photos, and even went back out during golden hour. 
But on to the outfit, I have been loving the smocked dresses I have been seeing everywhere lately. But I have seen so many in very light colors and long lengths, neither of which would be flattering on me. Or in gingham, and the last thing I need is another gingham dress. So I was very excited to have found this one with some bolder colors in the print, and although you can't tell from these photos, is a great length on me. I also did an Instagram Reel sharing a few ways to style it. I love the extra ruffle on the shoulders, and it also comes in solid white and violet.

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