Some recent Instagram posts, follow along @cara_194! Happy Black Friday, I hope everyone has good luck holiday shopping! I got all of mine done on Monday, the outlets mostly had Black Friday deals starting then, so it was very successful!
How I've been dealing with all of the snow we have been getting!
Abby, belleoftheball45 took a tour of my campus! It was so great meeting her!
We had a little confusion of seasons going on
I came home for Thanksgiving and tried to new Chestnut Praline Latte. And I always have to get some macarons from Whole Foods when I can!
Since there's no J. Crew anywhere near my campus, a trip there is always one of the first things I do when I'm home!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
I hope everyone spends time with their family and eats lots of good food! 
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Before the Snow

Two days before our first snow, where it actually snowed 11 inches in 1 day...we had some gorgeous weather! So I took full advantage of enjoying it before I was frozen until I came home to NC! 
Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Dress (worn as skirt) Lilly Pulitzer (old), Clutch: Personalized From Me to You, Necklace: Zara, Shoes: J. Crew (old color, new colors), Sunglasses: Anthropologie (color sold out, other color), Earrings: Kate Spade outlet
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4 Ways to Make a Peppermint Mocha at Home

My favorite hot Starbucks drink is the Peppermint Mocha. However I usually just drink regular Caffe Mochas after the holiday season and the Salted Caramel Mocha in the fall. 
The Peppermint Mocha to me, is the best during the holiday season, when it is on the menu. I think this is because they have the chocolate shavings on top, the red cup always makes it feel more festive (but I'm crazy about anything Christmas related!) and I personally think it's always better than a regular mocha with the peppermint flavoring for some reason even though it's essentially the same thing. 
I make regular mochas with my Keurig a lot, usually with the Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha K Cups. I recently saw that Starbucks was starting making their own Mocha K Cups. So, I bought them thinking for some reason they would be like a latte. Sadly, they were not what I expected. I went to go buy some Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha creamer that I've had in the past, but it was not available at my local grocery store. So I got several flavors of hot chocolate to stir into the mocha, and I think they turned out very well! 
So if you enjoy Peppermint Mochas as much as I do, here are 4 ways to make your own with a Keurig, All of the ingredients can be found at either your average grocery store or Target!
1. Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha K Cups and peppermint extract
Make the K Cup, this is already made to be like a latte. Then add just a drop of pure peppermint extract, be careful that there's not too much! Maybe a 1/8th of a teaspoon is all you would need. 
2. Starbucks Mocha K Cups and Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha creamer
Make the K Cup and pour just as much creamer as you would like!
3. Starbucks Mocha K Cups and a packet of peppermint hot chocolate
Make the K Cup and stir in a packet of peppermint hot chocolate. This is what I've been doing lately. This could also be done with raspberry, white chocolate, caramel, or any other flavor!
4. Starbucks Mocha K Cups, Peppermint extract, and a packet of regular (or dark chocolate) hot chocolate
Make the K Cup, stir in a packet of hot chocolate and a drop of peppermint extract, like the first one maybe a 1/8th of a teaspoon. 
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Headed Home for Thanksgiving!

I'm so excited to go home for Thanksgiving this weekend! 
I'm writing this as I'm getting several papers finished up. Sadly I will probably be spending more time than I would like doing homework this break, since I only have a week before finals when I get back to campus, scary! 
I can't wait to spend some time at home in North Carolina and at my aunt and uncle's house in Georgia. Since it has barely stopped snowing since last week and has been wayy too cold for November, I cannot wait to get into some warmer weather!

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Dark and Neutral Nail Colors for Fall and Winter

I came across these fall manicure ideas from Glitter Guide and I thought I would share how I did one of them myself and some of my other favorite nail colors for fall and winter!

Glitter Guide Post
This metallic half moon looks was my favorite and the link they gave did not have a tutorial so I tried to figure it out myself

My attempt
I painted my nails with this nude Ruffian shade first, and then took Essie's Good as Gold to make half moons. I know people do the shapes with paper reinforcement stickers, but I didn't have them so I went for it and this happened, and then I put a clear top coat over it. I might be trying some of the other ideas as well, if I have the patience for it!

And here are just some of my other favorite shades for fall and winter!

after school boy blazer - blues by essie
My absolute favorite- Essie's After School Boy Blazer
RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer - Lady of the Night
Ruffian- Lady of the Night
Color Club® Cocktail Hour Collection - darknstormy
Color Club- Dark N Stormy, it's really a lot more blue in person
twin sweater set - reds by essie
Essie- Twin Sweater Set, just a great red!
Julep- Sawyer, gorgeous bronze color
Color Club® Girl About Town Collection  - williamsburg
Color Club- Girl About Town
chinchilly - grays by essie
Essie- Chinchilly

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Outfits of the Week 11/10-11/16

Just another outfits of the week post!
Monday afternoon- class
J. Crew Factory vest
J. Crew scarf
Sweater from TJ Maxx
7 For All Mankind jeans
Vince Camuto boots
Tuesday morning- internship
Ralph Lauren shirt
Lilly Pulitzer dress (worn as skirt)
J. Crew heels
Zara necklace
Thursday morning- internship (first snow)
Lilly Pulitzer sweater
Madewell chambray
Ralph Lauren cords
Hunter boots and liners
Friday afternoon- class
Vineyard Vines sweater
7 For All Mankind jeans
Southern Proper hat
Sperry for J. Crew boots
Saturday afternoon, featuring Abby, belleoftheball45!
BCBG coat
Vineyard Vines scarf
Ralph Lauren sweater
True Religion jeans
Sperry for J. Crew boots
Gloves from Rue La La
Sunday afternoon- church
Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater
J. Crew shirt
True Religion jeans
Vince Camuto boots
J. Crew necklace
Coat bought by my parents in NYC years ago
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(Frozen) Rainy Day Link Up

Today I am taking part in the Rainy Day Link Up hosted by Connie of Prep Northwest and Michaela of Monogrammed Midwesterner. It's kind of funny I was asked to do this I think a day before we were supposed to get a snow storm...so my outfit for this post is in the snow, but it includes my rain boots! So I guess I can say this is how I dress for frozen rain...I am also including what I like to wear on actual rainy days. Anyways, they are also having a giveaway for a monogrammed rain jacket. So you should also check out the other posts in the link up!

For real though, I need summer back. We got about 9 inches of snow in 1 day and it just won't stop snowing!

We took these photos my internship on our lunch break, my fellow intern Alina is from California, it was her first snow!

Coat: BCBG (old, similar), Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer (last year's color, this year's colors), Chambray: Madewell (old, similar), Necklace: J. Crew (old), Corduroys: Ralph Lauren (via TJ Maxx, similar), Boots (and liners): Hunter, Gloves: Gift (similar)

On an above freezing rainy day I would usually wear:
Rainy Day Link Up

What’s your favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day? My flannel lined rain jacket!

Are you a hood, umbrella, or both kind of girl? Both, definitely both 
What is your best hair tip for a rainy day? Baseball caps are your friend

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Napping. There's just nothing like falling asleep to rain!

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Fall Wallpaper

As the last leaves are falling down (at least in my area they are) I made a fall themed iPhone wallpaper! It's actually kind of funny I scheduled this post for this day, because we got our first snow fall today....so it's basically winter here in PA now. 
Anyways, for those of you that still have some fall left, it has been made for the resolution of an iPhone 5/5S. I think I will be making a lot of Christmas themed wallpapers soon as well!

To save
Mobile: tap photo, hold down and save
Desktop: right click and "save image as"
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