Weekend Style: Olive Green & Brown

Back at it with an outfit post! I can't guarantee there will be more anytime soon. But I brought my new camera out while my blogging friend Annaliese came to town! We spent the day in the Buckhead area, visiting the Atlanta History Center, a new coffee shop called Le Bon Nosh, and stopped into a few boutiques. We had some sunny and almost warm weather, I stayed comfy and just warm enough with some old favorites. Including this quilted jacket I've had since college. I also got to test out some recent buys from Tuckernuck: this olive silk scarf and large frame sunglasses!

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Exercise Dress Roundup

Top row: Red | Light blue | Orange
Bottom row: Gingham | Teal | Pink | Green

I have seen a few exercise dresses over the last few years, aka re-branded tennis dresses. But I think their availability has really increased for this spring. I'm all about it, and I am on the hunt for one in a fun color with the built-in bike shorts. So I thought I would break down a few options I think might be best. I don't think I would want to wear one of these dresses to a workout class, leggings are usually best suited for most classes I attend. But I think they would be great for going on a walk or hike, traveling, or just running errands. 

Starting with the top row: 
  1. This red dress is the best price point. It comes in a few other fun colors and prints. But it unfortunately does not have the built-in shorts. 
  2. I love the style of this light blue dress with the pleated skirt. I really wish it came in more colors, because I think I'm a little pale for that shade of blue. But the other options are black, white, and tan, and I'm really set on a brighter color.
  3. Ending this row with this orange dress, it comes in some great colors! It is the most expensive on this list, but is carried by Madewell. So I would think there is a good chance it will go on sale.

On the bottom row: 
  1. I think this gingham print is so fun. I also think the neckline is very flattering. But this dress unfortunately does not have the built-in shorts. 
  2. Then we have to mention the dress that made the term "exercise dress" popular, from Outdoor Voices. They have the most color options by far, and past colors/prints can be found on sale. 
  3. This pink option is one of several great colors that came out for spring. It has built-in shorts, and also comes in extended sizing.
  4. Lastly, I love this shade of green. As you can tell from the photo, this dress has built-in shorts. It also comes in some neutral colored prints.
There is another brand out there that will show up in just about every search term for these types of dresses. I won't name them, but I've heard that they just mark up items from drop-shipping companies, so I purposely left them out. But please let me know if there are any other great options I've missed!

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Favorite Recipes

Winter and fully working from home has me cooking a little more often than usual. So what better time to share a few of my favorite recipes? I have really enjoyed having a full kitchen since moving to Georgia, compared to the tiny one I had in my Charlotte apartment. I really loved that apartment, but the lack of counter space made it pretty difficult to cook. Anyway, I have been trying a lot of recipes since then. So let's take a look at a few of the standouts for dinners and healthier baking. By healthier baking, I mean a lot of traditional baking ingredients are substituted with things like maple syrup, coconut oil, or alternative flours.

I've probably made this recipe more than any other. It takes some time to make, but we love it. You could probably switch out the veggies, but I always use sweet potatoes and frozen broccoli. It instructs baking the sweet potatoes on their own first, but I just defrost the broccoli at the same time, on the same pan.

This one isn't quite the healthiest option (has a bit of butter), but oh is it good! I made this pretty often over the summer and always add some chicken.

I recently made this one for the first time, and know I will be making it again soon. The orzo makes it more filling than your average chicken soup, and the lemon adds a great flavor. But note you might need some extra broth when re-heating.

I make a slightly different version of this I found from a TikTok. The other version replaces the broccoli with spinach, and doesn't include mushrooms or onions. But it has become a favorite, I make it about once a month for dinner and usually get lunch out of it the next day as well.

I've only made this once, but I definitely plan to make it again soon! It is perfect for winter, and sort of a cross between a soup and a pasta dish. It also lasts quite awhile between 2 people.

"Healthier" Baking:
I've mentioned this one a few years ago and it's still great! I make them with coconut sugar in place of regular sugar and coconut oil in place of butter. You can sort of tell they are made differently, but only the slightest bit!

I recently found this one, and love a recipe designed for small portions. It could easily be halved for a single portion, but it was very quick to make for TJ and I. It's sort of a combination of a mug cake and an oatmeal bar.

I've made these several times in the last few weeks. They're super quick, and a serving of fruit! The taste reminds me of those Brookside chocolate fruit snacks, a definite favorite for pomegranate season.

I made these a few times last fall. They're very simple to make and if you have a mini muffin tin, I think a great size to keep around.

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Pajama Picks

I tend to spend a lot of time in the winter in pajamas. There's just something so cozy about curling up in a pajama set with a cup of tea. I always say I don't like winter, but that is one part of it I do always appreciate. My mind has been set to spring lately, but here a few of the cutest sets I've seen to get us through the rest of winter.

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