Exercise Dress Roundup

Top row: Red | Light blue | Orange
Bottom row: Gingham | Teal | Pink | Green

I have seen a few exercise dresses over the last few years, aka re-branded tennis dresses. But I think their availability has really increased for this spring. I'm all about it, and I am on the hunt for one in a fun color with the built-in bike shorts. So I thought I would break down a few options I think might be best. I don't think I would want to wear one of these dresses to a workout class, leggings are usually best suited for most classes I attend. But I think they would be great for going on a walk or hike, traveling, or just running errands. 

Starting with the top row: 
  1. This red dress is the best price point. It comes in a few other fun colors and prints. But it unfortunately does not have the built-in shorts. 
  2. I love the style of this light blue dress with the pleated skirt. I really wish it came in more colors, because I think I'm a little pale for that shade of blue. But the other options are black, white, and tan, and I'm really set on a brighter color.
  3. Ending this row with this orange dress, it comes in some great colors! It is the most expensive on this list, but is carried by Madewell. So I would think there is a good chance it will go on sale.

On the bottom row: 
  1. I think this gingham print is so fun. I also think the neckline is very flattering. But this dress unfortunately does not have the built-in shorts. 
  2. Then we have to mention the dress that made the term "exercise dress" popular, from Outdoor Voices. They have the most color options by far, and past colors/prints can be found on sale. 
  3. This pink option is one of several great colors that came out for spring. It has built-in shorts, and also comes in extended sizing.
  4. Lastly, I love this shade of green. As you can tell from the photo, this dress has built-in shorts. It also comes in some neutral colored prints.
There is another brand out there that will show up in just about every search term for these types of dresses. I won't name them, but I've heard that they just mark up items from drop-shipping companies, so I purposely left them out. But please let me know if there are any other great options I've missed!

Thanks for reading!

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