Fitness Friday VIII

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Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This is my monthly roundup of workouts, new foods I have been trying, and activewear picks. This month I spent a lot of time at AIR Aerial Fitness participating in their Silk Sisters 2 week challenge. Everyone paired up in teams of 2 and we earned points every time we attended class, extra points if we attended together, tagged on social, etc. for some great prizes from a few businesses in Charlotte. You may have seen I partnered with fellow former dancer friend, Sophie (check out her Insta for some wonderful workout ideas) and we had a lot of fun with it! We did not win the challenge, but stay tuned to my Instagram for a fun giveaway coming up! And in case you missed them, here are my  Fitness Friday posts from July and August.

Week of 9/2-9/8
Sweat Circuit and Define Sculpt on Obe Fitness
West Kept Secret at Fit Atelier
SCLPT MTHD at Fit Atelier
Barre at AIR Aerial Fitness

Week of 9/9-9/15
Week 1 of AIR Silk Sisters challenge, all at AIR:
Air Interval
Air Flow (aerial yoga)
SweatNET Charlotte workout as part of a shop night at Athleta (free)
"Open your hips and hamstrings" on ClassPass Go

Week of 9/16-9/22
Week 2 of AIR Silk Sisters challenge, all at AIR:
Air Interval
Air Flow
Air Flow
Power 45 at Flywheel Sports

Week of 9/23-yesteday
Barre pop-up class at Topgolf (free)
"Rise and Shine Flow" on ClassPass Go
Adult Open Ballet at Charlotte Ballet
Hilliard Studio Method at Fit Atelier
Air Interval at AIR
Blacklight Chakti Yoga with Essential Thrive and SweatNET (free)

I ended up with 22 workouts since my last Fitness Friday post! I also tried the new ClassPass Go app as I was stuck inside during the hurricane a few weeks ago. I really like the app so far, for a reasons: its free, there are many options of workouts, and you can pick your favorite genre of music for every workout. I'm doing quite a bit of traveling during October and I think I'll be making use of it when I'm away from my Charlotte studios.
The only new class I really tried was Chakti Yoga, which I just took a few hours ago as I am typing this post. It was a huge class held in a brewery and it was so much fun! The movements were all based in yoga but it turned into a lot of dancing, quite a bit of cardio, and even a core work section. It felt like a giant dance party with blacklights, neon paint, and loud music, and a great workout at the same time. If you're local to Charlotte, SweatNET has been hosting it monthly (free for members!) and I really hope I can make it to the next one!

  1. I mentioned in my last post I started making salads, after 24 years of never eating salad. And I am happy to say I kept it up throughout the month! However I have just kept making the same one over and over. So I do need to find some new recipes soon, if you have any favorites that are quick and easy to make, please send them my way!
  2. I also have been making some progress in eating less dairy. I may save why I've been successful with it for another post, but cheese usually somehow made its way into most meals I ate. But I have done fairly well with limiting myself to much less of it lately! It is something I had been planning on fixing at some point, but I almost immediately saw improvement in my skin. I wish I tried it years ago!


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Tailgate Thursday: Clemson Tigers

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Asos dress | Stella and Dot sunglasses | Similar Kendra Scott bracelet | Jack Rogers sandals

I'm finishing out the Tailgate Thursday series with some orange for the Clemson Tigers! Florida Gator Gentry, and I are bringing double the orange this last week! I've mentioned this a few times before, but if you're new here, I did not go to Clemson.  My dad is a Clemson grad, so I've grown up wearing orange. A few of my cousins went there when I was younger, and my brother is a current student. We eat Thanksgiving dinner off of Clemson plates, the bonus room in my parents house is orange, football games become family gatherings, the whole deal. I joke that I'm the "black sheep" of the family because I went to a small school where the biggest sport was hockey. Anyway, I usually go to at least one football game per season, and this year it looks like I'll be making it down to Tiger Town twice. So I'm thinking this dress will be my first choice of outfit to cheer on another Tiger win!

Don't forget to check out Gentry's post! If you needed some extra orange in your lfie, doesn't that dress look like the perfect option for midseason game weather?!

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Lavender Elsa Top

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top | Similar skirt | Sam Edelman heels | Similar tassel earrings | Prada sunglasses | Similar bag

If you caught my Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale post, you may have already seen this top. I have collected quite a few of this style top over the years. This lavender one may be my fourth addition...two in solid colors and two in prints. But hey, if you like something, buy it in every color! They are just so versatile, I have worn these tops in so many different ways. From pairing with skirts like this one, jeans with heels, work pants with flats, to even shorts and sandals with the sleeves pushed up the elbows. However, I can only justify buying them during the After Party sales because they are usually about $50 off from the original price, so I jumped on this one when I saw it marked down $49 from $139. There's just something about a piece of clothing that makes you happy when you wear it, which I guess is why I felt the need to add to this top to my closet!

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Tailgate Thursday: NC State Wolfpack

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Lauren James gingham dress | Similar wedges | Clearlee bag | Kendra Scott pendant | Prada sunglasses | Stila lip color

In case you missed last week's post, Gentry of Girl Meets Bow and I are styling tailgate looks together Thursdays in September! Last week I styled black and blue for the Carolina Panthers, because it is basically an obligation to have some Panther gear when you have always lived in North Carolina. This week I'm styling red for the NC State Wolfpack, which is my boyfriend's alma mater! I wore this look (without the wedges...) a few weekends ago in Raleigh, which I already posted on Insta from Carter-Finley. I thought this gingham dress was a great choice for an almost 90 degree day full of tailgating, cheering on the Pack at the stadium, and touring the campus!

Don't forget to check out Gentry's post with that adorable boho top!

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What Switching Up My Workout Routine Has Done For My Self-Confidence

I have started to realize some positive change in my self-confidence since I started switching up my workout routine, and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on that today. As you probably know, I have a background in dance where I grew up going to the studio after school, spending most of my weekends there, and a few summers at larger ballet schools in programs where I was in class all day. My goal was always to dance professionally, but I realized when I was still in high school, it was more realistic for me to a have a short career in a small company. However, everything changed once I left my home in NC to train in college. Once it became almost full time, I decided it was not what I wanted. That shift from student who also danced to dance student was really rough for me. It also didn't help that I got a stress fracture on my spine. But that has had a few years to heal!

Fast forward a few years and I moved to Charlotte. I haven't exercised in over a year, after it was such a big part of my life so long. So I got into some familiar classes by trying a few barre studios. Honestly what pushed me to try them was that I was new to working full time, in a new city, and would get bored after work. I couldn't stand just sitting in my apartment until I went to sleep! Even though I kept busy with the blog, I just needed to get out. I also didn't know many people here yet, so I thought it would just be good to get moving again and maybe meet some people in class. I typically went to these classes alone, I could maybe convince a friend to come with me to the occasional yoga class. But I didn't really mind that, I used to go to unfamiliar cities for ballet programs when I was a teenager without fear. And over time, I did start to get to know some of my instructors. I then got connected via Instagram to some lovely ladies of the Charlotte fitness community and started going to some different types of classes. I definitely have to thank SweatNET Charlotte for that!

Over the last few months, I have been trying all of these new things like HIIT classes, trying to go to cycle more often, and some classes I never would have expected to like including kickboxing and strength training. I have been learning so much and making new friends along the way that are always so encouraging. I have really surprised myself in my ability to do some of these different workouts. Not that I am crushing every workout I try...but I can physically get through more than I expect I can. I still mostly stick to my routine of classes like barre, yoga, and aerial. But I now have a different mindset when I see an opportunity for a free class or some workout I have never tried before. I am nowhere near as confident as I am walking into a barre class at some of these new places. I sometimes think I look out of place as the short girl wearing brightly printed leggings. But that may be all in my head, because everyone at these new studios/gyms are so helpful and encouraging. Especially when I clearly don't know what I'm doing with their equipment and weights!

 I think it is safe to say I am no longer scared of a workout outside of my barre/yoga/aerial bubble. Except for maybe run clubs...I had tendonitis when I was younger from ballet that make running difficult...but that's besides the point. It is quite the confidence boost when I realize I'm capable of new things that I normally would not have even tried a year ago! Not to mention that I have kept up with waking up for 6am workouts. I never thought I would be able to do that! I have also created some healthier habits after trying these new and more intense classes. As much as I love barre and aerial classes, the lack of cardio doesn't require as much fueling as some of the newer classes I have been adding. So I have gotten into the habit of drinking more water throughout the day and eating protein after workouts. Along with some eating habits I needed to work on regardless of my workout routine, like eating less dairy and bread (which used to be a very large part of my diet), and I'm slowly working on eating less sugar! So basically, I am just glad I have decided to be open to new things, because they have brought positive changes into my life that I never expected. Don't be afraid to say yes to something new!

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography
Ellie Activewear set c/o

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Ric Rac, Scallops, and Velvet

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Ric rac sleeved top c/o | Scallop skirt | Block heels | Baublebar for Target necklace c/o | Similar bag | Prada sunglasses

Bringing some more fall transition workwear with this look! Blush is a tough color for me once I go back to my natural shade of ghostly white. I also don't wear much of it during the summer while I'm a little on the tanner side (well, tan for me...). So I think this top is great for this time of year, when the calendar says fall but the weather still says summer. I'm also bringing back these block heels I got for Christmas last year, they are some of the comfiest heels I have ever owned!

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Tailgate Thursday: Carolina Panthers

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Girl Tribe crop tee (sized up to a medium) | Similar gingham dress | Vionic sneakers c/o | Baublebar for Target earrings c/o | Prada sunglasses | Similar bag

Who else has enjoyed the first few weeks of football season? I didn't really follow the NFL until I moved to Charlotte two years ago, but I quickly became a Panthers fan! I've made to the stadium for a few games, but there are watch parties all over the city on gameday. So whether I'm tailgating to go into the game or just to watch it at a bar, I will probably be wearing something like this outfit! If you live in Charlotte or are a Panther fan, I have been loving Girl Tribe's Gameday collection!
I'm so excited to be teaming up with Gentry of Girl Meets Bow to bring some tailgate style inspiration Thursdays in September! She is a Florida Gator, so she will be bringing all of the orange and blue inspo! I will be tailgating for a few different teams this season, so I'm styling for a different team each week!

Don't forget to check out Gentry's post! How cute is that skirt?!

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