What Switching Up My Workout Routine Has Done For My Self-Confidence

I have started to realize some positive change in my self-confidence since I started switching up my workout routine, and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on that today. As you probably know, I have a background in dance where I grew up going to the studio after school, spending most of my weekends there, and a few summers at larger ballet schools in programs where I was in class all day. My goal was always to dance professionally, but I realized when I was still in high school, it was more realistic for me to a have a short career in a small company. However, everything changed once I left my home in NC to train in college. Once it became almost full time, I decided it was not what I wanted. That shift from student who also danced to dance student was really rough for me. It also didn't help that I got a stress fracture on my spine. But that has had a few years to heal!

Fast forward a few years and I moved to Charlotte. I haven't exercised in over a year, after it was such a big part of my life so long. So I got into some familiar classes by trying a few barre studios. Honestly what pushed me to try them was that I was new to working full time, in a new city, and would get bored after work. I couldn't stand just sitting in my apartment until I went to sleep! Even though I kept busy with the blog, I just needed to get out. I also didn't know many people here yet, so I thought it would just be good to get moving again and maybe meet some people in class. I typically went to these classes alone, I could maybe convince a friend to come with me to the occasional yoga class. But I didn't really mind that, I used to go to unfamiliar cities for ballet programs when I was a teenager without fear. And over time, I did start to get to know some of my instructors. I then got connected via Instagram to some lovely ladies of the Charlotte fitness community and started going to some different types of classes. I definitely have to thank SweatNET Charlotte for that!

Over the last few months, I have been trying all of these new things like HIIT classes, trying to go to cycle more often, and some classes I never would have expected to like including kickboxing and strength training. I have been learning so much and making new friends along the way that are always so encouraging. I have really surprised myself in my ability to do some of these different workouts. Not that I am crushing every workout I try...but I can physically get through more than I expect I can. I still mostly stick to my routine of classes like barre, yoga, and aerial. But I now have a different mindset when I see an opportunity for a free class or some workout I have never tried before. I am nowhere near as confident as I am walking into a barre class at some of these new places. I sometimes think I look out of place as the short girl wearing brightly printed leggings. But that may be all in my head, because everyone at these new studios/gyms are so helpful and encouraging. Especially when I clearly don't know what I'm doing with their equipment and weights!

 I think it is safe to say I am no longer scared of a workout outside of my barre/yoga/aerial bubble. Except for maybe run clubs...I had tendonitis when I was younger from ballet that make running difficult...but that's besides the point. It is quite the confidence boost when I realize I'm capable of new things that I normally would not have even tried a year ago! Not to mention that I have kept up with waking up for 6am workouts. I never thought I would be able to do that! I have also created some healthier habits after trying these new and more intense classes. As much as I love barre and aerial classes, the lack of cardio doesn't require as much fueling as some of the newer classes I have been adding. So I have gotten into the habit of drinking more water throughout the day and eating protein after workouts. Along with some eating habits I needed to work on regardless of my workout routine, like eating less dairy and bread (which used to be a very large part of my diet), and I'm slowly working on eating less sugar! So basically, I am just glad I have decided to be open to new things, because they have brought positive changes into my life that I never expected. Don't be afraid to say yes to something new!

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