Fitness Friday VIII

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Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This is my monthly roundup of workouts, new foods I have been trying, and activewear picks. This month I spent a lot of time at AIR Aerial Fitness participating in their Silk Sisters 2 week challenge. Everyone paired up in teams of 2 and we earned points every time we attended class, extra points if we attended together, tagged on social, etc. for some great prizes from a few businesses in Charlotte. You may have seen I partnered with fellow former dancer friend, Sophie (check out her Insta for some wonderful workout ideas) and we had a lot of fun with it! We did not win the challenge, but stay tuned to my Instagram for a fun giveaway coming up! And in case you missed them, here are my  Fitness Friday posts from July and August.

Week of 9/2-9/8
Sweat Circuit and Define Sculpt on Obe Fitness
West Kept Secret at Fit Atelier
SCLPT MTHD at Fit Atelier
Barre at AIR Aerial Fitness

Week of 9/9-9/15
Week 1 of AIR Silk Sisters challenge, all at AIR:
Air Interval
Air Flow (aerial yoga)
SweatNET Charlotte workout as part of a shop night at Athleta (free)
"Open your hips and hamstrings" on ClassPass Go

Week of 9/16-9/22
Week 2 of AIR Silk Sisters challenge, all at AIR:
Air Interval
Air Flow
Air Flow
Power 45 at Flywheel Sports

Week of 9/23-yesteday
Barre pop-up class at Topgolf (free)
"Rise and Shine Flow" on ClassPass Go
Adult Open Ballet at Charlotte Ballet
Hilliard Studio Method at Fit Atelier
Air Interval at AIR
Blacklight Chakti Yoga with Essential Thrive and SweatNET (free)

I ended up with 22 workouts since my last Fitness Friday post! I also tried the new ClassPass Go app as I was stuck inside during the hurricane a few weeks ago. I really like the app so far, for a reasons: its free, there are many options of workouts, and you can pick your favorite genre of music for every workout. I'm doing quite a bit of traveling during October and I think I'll be making use of it when I'm away from my Charlotte studios.
The only new class I really tried was Chakti Yoga, which I just took a few hours ago as I am typing this post. It was a huge class held in a brewery and it was so much fun! The movements were all based in yoga but it turned into a lot of dancing, quite a bit of cardio, and even a core work section. It felt like a giant dance party with blacklights, neon paint, and loud music, and a great workout at the same time. If you're local to Charlotte, SweatNET has been hosting it monthly (free for members!) and I really hope I can make it to the next one!

  1. I mentioned in my last post I started making salads, after 24 years of never eating salad. And I am happy to say I kept it up throughout the month! However I have just kept making the same one over and over. So I do need to find some new recipes soon, if you have any favorites that are quick and easy to make, please send them my way!
  2. I also have been making some progress in eating less dairy. I may save why I've been successful with it for another post, but cheese usually somehow made its way into most meals I ate. But I have done fairly well with limiting myself to much less of it lately! It is something I had been planning on fixing at some point, but I almost immediately saw improvement in my skin. I wish I tried it years ago!


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