Unpopular Opinion: I Don't Like Fall

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Lilly Pulitzer Nessa skirt | Similar stripe tee | Super similar heels | Similar bag | Baublebar for Target earrings c/o

I consider myself basic in many senses of the word. I feel the need to document when I am drinking coffee, or rosé, I eat a lot of avocados, I own a lot of leggings, etc. However, you will not be seeing a list of things I love about fall. I have just never been much of a fan of this time of year.  My favorite times of year are summer and Christmas, so for me, fall is a weird time between the two. I wish it was either still summer, or time for Christmas already. I do not really get excited at the thought of pumpkin spice everything, big sweaters, and cooler weather. Daylight Savings Time makes me sad, because I am always happiest when the sun is out. But, I have to say I do like the fall activities like apple picking, carving pumpkins, and corn maizes. And of course I do love watching the leaves change!
However, as a fashion blogger living in the south, the main reason I don't like fall comes down to the awkward "I should be wearing fall clothes but it is still 80 degrees out" or "it is still 80 degrees out, but no longer fashionably acceptable to still wear summer clothes" situation. Which leaves a few weeks of in-between clothes to avoid heat stroke. I love my summer wardrobe and bright colors so much, it makes me kinda sad to put it all away about time every year. This skirt in today's post is just so much fun to wear, I am hoping to maybe get one more wear out of it before I put it away for the season. Sure, I like that fall brings all of velvet, leather, and plaid. But I can't actually wear all of that comfortably until about November here! Maybe it is more that people (mostly on social media) have started to rush fall so much that I don't like? But then again, I'll probably be rushing Christmas in a matter of weeks, so maybe I'll just keep these thoughts to myself now...

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