My Favorite Apps and Videos for Working Out At Home

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We all know I love making it to the studio for a workout class, but sometimes that isn't always possible. Life happens, class costs add up, some days your schedule just doesn't allow fitting in a full class. Or you can score a little extra sleep by simply rolling out of bed to get in a morning workout. Or, you are away from your home (and all of your favorite studios), but still want to get a workout in. A few of those circumstances have had me exploring possible solutions with workout videos and fitness apps. So I thought I would share my favorite ways to work out at home, they have been mentioned in my Fitness Friday workout lists in the past. And the best part is 2 of the 3 are free!

ClassPass: CPGo App and Partner Videos
I have a subscription to ClassPass where I buy credits each month to use on classes at studios in Charlotte, and I can also use them in other cities that also use CP. Included with that subscription are pre-recorded partner videos including Barre3, Xtend Barre, Laughing Lotus Yoga, and more. I think the barre videos in particular have great modifications to get a barre class (without a barre) at home. There are not too many options of classes if you want to use this regularly, but a great change of pace when you don't quite have the time (or funds) to get into a class.
ClassPass's newest release is the ClassPass Go app, which has audio based workouts, that are all FREE! I have not been using it for a very long time, but I have been very happy with the variety available on the app so far. They have yoga, treadmill, core, cycling, rowing, outdoor running, basically everything except for barre. It looks like they are frequently adding new workouts, and depending on what your schedule looks like, there are options from under 10 minutes to over an hour. One thing I really like about the app is that you can choose any music genre as the background music. Which may not be the best if you want to blast the music from your headphones, because it is lowered under the voice of the instructor. But I personally like the option to do slow flow yoga to a Drake playlist.

Obé Live Streaming and On-Demand Videos
I learned about Obé (Our Body Electric) because local Charlotte fitness boutique Fit Atelier brought one of their trainers to Charlotte to teach a class. I unfortunately was not in town to take the class, but I was really interested in taking Megan Roup's method, The Sculpt Society. So when I saw that her classes live streamed on Obé (and she had a promo code for the first month), I had to try it. There is a subscription cost, but you get access to SO many workouts. Their lineup of trainers is so great and you can reserve a spot to join in a live stream for sculpt, HIIT, cardio dance, yoga, and more. And if you can't catch a live stream, a few classes are recorded every day so you can watch a playback at any time.

PopSugar Fitness Videos
PopSugar Fitness has a Youtube channel full of FREE workouts. There is a lot of variety from cardio dance to yoga, with some workouts under 20 minutes and others close to an hour. A lot of these workouts showcase trainers and their methods, so you could sample something like CorePower yoga or Barre Belle, and so many more. One thing I really like about some of the newer videos is that there is a countdown clock with the amount of time left in the workout. They also always show a lot of modifications whether you want lower impact movements or do not have have the required equipment.

Although as convenient and home workouts can be, I definitely prefer the full class experience. For the social aspect, personal instruction to know I am doing the workout correctly, and everyone else in the class holding me accountable to complete the workout. I have found myself wanting to give up quicker, or not do the workout 100% if I am alone in my apartment, or even with few people around in my apartment gym. But I think those are also just some reasons as to why group fitness is so important to my workout routine!

Thanks for reading!

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