DIY Halloween Costume Idea: Champagne and RosÉ Bottles

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so its about time for some costume ideas! I'm back at it with the queen of DIY Halloween Costumes, Amy of The Daily Amy! If you've read here awhile, you might remember we also posted a Bad and Boujee duo costume 2 years ago.  So this year, Amy got the idea to team up again, and dress as rosé and champagne bottles. Although we think it is a great duo costume, it could just as easily be done alone as well!

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

I think I've made it pretty clear through my previous content how rosé is my wine of choice, and this was so much fun to photograph! Amy broke down everything you will need to make these fun costumes from materials, to how she put the glitter "cork" headbands together in her post, here! Be sure to follow Amy for more colorful style, glimpses into her life in Charlotte, and a little bit of Disney!

Thanks for reading!