Spring Break Shopping

I'm home in NC for Spring Break! Since there are not any of my favorite stores near where I go to school, I spend a good amount of time shopping (or at least browsing) just about every break. So I thought I would share some snaps from this trip! 
I went to the stores I always go to like J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Belk, etc. and then I went to Southpoint Mall in Durham to see the new Kendra Scott store and a few other stores there! And I ended up meeting two fellow NC bloggers! When I was at Belk at home, I ran into Sarah of Stylish, Sassy, and Classy Blog while she was working, and at the Kendra Scott store I ran into Corbin of Classy South Blog also working. I have followed both of these girls for a while, and it's kind of crazy I walked into the stores they work at, while they were there, within two days of each other!
I ended up getting my first Elsa top, and for half off!
I'm basically obsessed with this dress, I haven't bought it yet but I plan to sometime soon!
The new Kendra Scott store was so beautiful!
So many Skylar earrings!
In the bag: this ring, this necklace
Also, the weather has been so warm and I've been loving every minute of it! It has rained a fair amount, but basically spring temperatures! Going back to 40s in PA is not going to be fun. But it's still going to be nice compared to how it was right before I left!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Love the lilly and kendra! That is so cool that you ran into some fellow bloggers! I wish that would happen to me!
    xo Katie

  2. I love Corbin's blog! That's so crazy you ran into them both. That Elsa top is so pretty. I am also thinking of biting the bullet and purchasing that dress.

  3. Love Kendracott!
    You have such cute style.



  4. OMG that dress is gorgeous!! I'm sure you've been thinking about it since you tried it on :)

    Something About That

  5. No way! You shop at Southpoint too?! Whenever I go to Durham to visit my brother at UNC, I ALWAYS stop by Southpoint Mall. Definitely my favorite place to shop!

    - Ruthie S. | reallytrulyruth.blogspot.com