Junior Year of College

I have officially finished my junior year of college! 

I am also graduating a semester early, so it's of crazy to think about how I only have 1 semester left! Since I found out I was graduating early, it kind of surprised me since I changed my major sophomore year, I have really just been trying to enjoy all of the time that I have left in college. I've been realizing the little things I won't be able to do anymore like take naps in the middle of the day, sleep until 11 because I don't have anything to do until 5 in the middle of the week, go out on Wednesday nights, and other things that just won't really work when I go into the real world. 
So here is a little year in review:

My room at the very beginning of the year

I interned at a local art museum fall semester, I really loved dressing up for it twice a week, especially before it got cold. 

We got a lot of snow, as always. Last year we were #1 snowiest city in America, this year we dropped down to #5 I think.
Biggest pro of graduating early: I will only have to deal with the November and early December part of winter up there. 

The slight lack of snow was made up for with the coldest weather I have ever experienced. When this photo was taken, it was -17 degrees with windchill of around -30. I literally looked like this for at least 2 weeks every time I went outside, blanket scarves were my best friends along with my giant coat and several layers! 

But I turned 21 in that time, so that made things a little better!

And once we finally got some spring weather (it took until about mid April) it made things worth it, my campus is so beautiful in the spring!

I also completed my dance minor this semester. 
If you're a new reader, I've trained in ballet since I was very young and I entered college as a dance major. I left the south for college to go the school I now attend (but don't say the name for privacy reasons) for that program, but I realized about halfway through my freshman year that I didn't want to dance anymore. And by the end of that year, I got a stress fracture in my spine. So I dropped to a dance minor and picked up an Arts Management major, so I will still be involved in the arts, but on the administrative side. This photo is with the other juniors in the department at our end of year banquet. 

Thanks for reading!
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