3 Years of Caralina Style

Just a quick Friday post to say, Caralina Style is 3 years old today!

Well, the name Caralina Style is more like 2 years old (who remembers when I used the same name as tumblr, J'adore J. Crew and then Southern and Savvy?) and I didn't consistently post until 6 or 8 months after it was started. But either way, the first post on this blog was published on February 19th, 2013.
I started this blog when I was a freshman in college, and I never would have imagined what it has brought to my life. In that time, I have gained so much experience in an online business, worked with some awesome companies, learned how to create my own brand, met people from the blogging world, and much more. And of course, I never would have expected to have this wonderful group of people who come back to this blog again and again. Thank you all so much for following along! Especially to the people who have followed me from the very beginning, when I was only on Tumblr starting back in 2011. I'm hoping this year in blogging will be the best one yet!

Thanks for reading!