Pantone Fall Colors for 2016: Riverside and Airy Blue

RS details
Tassel bag | Stud earrings | Aviator sunglasses | Suede heels | Striped shirt | Denim jacket | Striped scarf | Chambray dress | Baseball cap | Floral skirt

Happy September! I am always very sad to see summer go, for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that we are one season closer to winter, my least favorite season (although I love Christmas time!!). I also am not a huge fan of the colors seen in a lot of fall fashion. However, I do really like the colors Pantone has picked for this season! So for the rest of September I will be breaking down these 10 fall colors, two at a time. Today's colors are Riverside and Airy Blue, which I think are the perfect neutrals that complement so many colors!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I LOVE this color! It's kind of the perfect transition color in my opinion!That skirt is adorable!

  2. Those bow-back shoes and chambray hat are adorable!

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