Winter Essentials

Long puffer coat | Puffer vest | Wool peacoat | City coat | Hunter boot socks | Hunter boots |  Blanket scarf | Camp socks | Sperry boots

I don't need a lot of winter clothes living in Charlotte, we have actually had a few 70 degree days these last few weeks. But I had my fair share of cold weather during my college years in Erie, Pennsylvania. So today I am sharing what I consider to be my winter essentials and some of my favorite places to buy them. And I waited until the end of January to make this post because most of these items are on sale. So it's a great time to stock up for next year!

I had several coats for different temperature ranges in college. I had a wool coat like this one (from J. Crew Factory) for the 40ish degree days and a long puffer coat sort of like this one (that my mom found on Rue La La) for the colder than 30 degrees and windy days. Last year when I moved back to NC I bought the tweed version of this coat, and I think it's perfect for a milder southern winter. I also used to layer puffer vests like this one and this one (from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory) under the long coat for the coldest days.

I don't think there's really much to say here, but my favorite places to buy warm sweaters are J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, and Banana Republic.

I really loved the old J. Crew and Sperry collaboration they did a few years ago for their shearling lined snow boots that are similar to these boots. But of course, but I think most people prefer the original LL Bean boot. And you can't forget to pair them with warm and cozy camp socks!
I know some people really like Hunter boots for the snow, but I personally could never wear them when there was a lot of snow on the ground. Even with their boot socks, my feet were always freezing after walking in some snow. They are great if the walks are cleared though, and I think they are pretty good for walking on ice.

I know blanket scarves are seen as more of a fall thing, but they my favorite for winter. I think they are actually too warm to wear in the fall, at least they are in the south. But in college I loved them because they were big enough to cover part of my face while keeping a lot of my torso warm at the same time. Plus they are always in fun prints like this one that can add a lot to an outfit!

I think I've maybe worn gloves twice since I moved back to the south, but I rarely left my apartment without them during college. I actually used to wear two pairs at a time on the coldest days...but my favorite place to buy those is Rue La La. They have great prices for cashmere!

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