1 Year in Charlotte + New Blog Design


Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Aviate "CLT" hat (found at Ivy and Leo) | Lauren James scallop skirt c/o | Similar chambray | Wedges | Similar bag

How fun is this mural of the Charlotte skyline?

One year ago today, I made the short trip from Greensboro, NC to Charlotte to move out on my own and start my first real job. It has been quite the year, and I am so excited for many more here! I feel like I have finished my "freshman year of the real world" and I have learned so much.
Although I lived far from home for college, I feel like I wasn't really on my own until this year.
I learned how to live without any family members or roommates, work full-time, pay my own expenses, and just be fully responsible for myself.  I got back into exercising consistently since I stopped ballet at the end of college, and studied for and took the GMAT. And I think I'm finally figuring out how to balance blogging with working full-time.

Charlotte is such a great city, and I have really enjoyed my time here so far! There's a lot of fun places from restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, to museums and performing arts. There seems to always be lots of events going on around the city. And after living in Erie, PA for college, the weather is wonderful! I think it has been a great environment to learn how to live as an adult. There seems to be a lot of pride in calling Charlotte home, I think that might be because not many Charlotteans are natives. There are a lot of people like me, just from other cities in North Carolina, but I also know a lot of people from all over the country that love it here. Even though it's not much of a tourist city, I have been thinking about posting some Queen City travel guides with shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, and some of my favorite places around the city.

Also, you may have noticed the blog looks a little different! What do you think of the re-design? I like to re-design at certain milestones of blogging. My first big re-design was when I changed the name to Caralina Style. The second, was right after I graduated from college and started posting more regularly. And now, after I have finished a whole year of working full-time and blogging. I really like how it turned out, and I hope you do too!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on 1 year in Charlotte!! Also the new design looks amazing! I love the logo :)

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. Love the new design gal! It looks great!

  3. This outfit is so cute on you, Cara, and I'm so glad you made the move to CLT a year ago!