Beachy Leggings + Fitness Routine Update

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Lilly Pulitzer leggings | Tank top | Similar sports bra | Nikes | Sunglasses

I know what you might be thinking...yes, I got another pair of Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic leggings! They were marked down to 60% off and I couldn't resist. You have probably read enough about how much I love their leggings because they are the most comfortable, not the mention the cheerful prints, but this pair also has a printed mesh panel down the sides. I will soon be posting about the upcoming After Party Sale (Lilly Pulitzer's bi-annual sale), and these will most likely be included in it!
Now onto the fitness routine update...I posted back in May about how I was changing up my routine by attending morning workout classes. After trying it out for a few weeks with mostly morning classes, I now have a mix of some mornings and some evenings. Such as this week, I have done 2 evenings, a morning and an evening yesterday, and have 2 more mornings planned to end out the week. I had an idea that this schedule is what I would end up with when I first started the morning schedule. I feel like this is the best option for me because I can get the best of both schedules! They both have their pros and cons. If I do all mornings I have to go to sleep earlier (which is really tough for me), I do not have as many options for classes, but I feel like I can do so much more with my time after work. If I do all evenings, I get some extra sleep and have more variety in class options, but feel like I cannot get anything done if I am getting home later.
I have also learned that I will only wake up for a morning workout if I have a scheduled class, that will result in a fee if I do not show up. What I mean by that is if I plan to use my apartment gym, or use one of workout apps (like Obé or Aaptiv) in the morning, I usually just go right back to sleep. I have found myself doing app workouts the most when I get home from something planned after work. Or if I have some time between activities on a weekend, but not quite enough to make it to a studio. I have also been using them on some of my recent travels! So I just thought I would share those developments, and I'll probably have some more during my next Fitness Friday post!

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