Typical Day In My Life

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, I have been reading quite a few daily routine posts lately. I always like reading about a typical day in other people's lives, so I thought it would be fun to share my own! Here is just a peek into a typical weekday in my life as a marketing assistant and blogger.

5:30am- I wake up to get ready for a workout. All I really do is roll out bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, put my hair up, and fill up my water bottle. Then I head out the door around 5:40 and eat a protein or granola bar and drink some water while driving to the studio.

6:00am- On this particular day, I started the morning sweating with a West Kept Secret HIIT class at Fit Atelier. Which is actually an activewear boutique that also hosts workouts with methods unique to Charlotte!

7:15am- I'm back from the workout for a shower, a protein bar, some coffee, and to get ready for work while watching the Today show. This is also typically the time I schedule my social posts if I have a new blog post up.
8:20am- By this time I have gotten my outfit ready, done my hair and makeup, and I head off to work to be at my desk at 8:30. I also conveniently have a crazy short "commute" to the office that takes all of about 3 minutes.

12:15pm- time for lunch! I have been trying to meal prep my lunches lately, we will see how long that lasts...but I have been bringing hard boiled eggs with fruit. I also bring some Skinny Pop popcorn, an orange, and a granola bar to either snack on through the day or eat with the prepped lunch. I have been on a bit of a kombucha kick lately as well!

5:00pm- I leave the office and sometimes have some errands to run, which I like to do before I go home after work. On this day it happened to be right before my mom's birthday, so I went shopping to pick up her gift. I also typically use this time to go to the grocery store, put gas in my car, etc.

6:00pm- Back home! If I have already worked out, this is typically my time to work on blog posts, plan my workout schedule, maybe clean my apartment a little. Or, if I did not work out in the morning, I tend to go to evening classes about this time.

7:00pm- I can't say cooking like this is very typical for me, but I'm trying to make it become that way! On this particular day, I had made a huge salad the day before, so I had what was left of that for dinner and then started to prep some pesto zucchini noodles that were supposed to be chilled for the following day.

8:30pm- About this time I meet up with TJ to spend some time together and watch whatever Netflix series we are currently watching, which at the moment is Ozark. Although we sometimes meet up earlier if one of us cooks dinner, or buys a dinner to share. Actually it would be much more likely that I buy one, he almost always cooks.

11:00pm- Back home and off to bed! On this certain day I did not have a morning workout planned the next day, but this is about my typical bedtime regardless of my workout schedule. I know, I know, I really need to start going to sleep earlier on the 6am workout days...and any tips on that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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