Introducing: Land of the Pine

I've already posted about this on Instagram over the last week. But my boyfriend and I opened an Etsy shop together! You might remember last year I sold some painted monogram bags and I was considering bringing them back for this summer. TJ also discovered over the last year that he has quite the talent for painting and had opened his own shop. So we decided to join forces and open Land of the Pine! The name comes from being North Carolina natives, TJ is an NC State University grad, and I think it sort of plays on Caralina Style as well! 
In the shop you will find a few of my painted monogrammed accessories, some of his paintings, and a few collaborative designs. He is so talented and it has been so much fun creating a few pieces together like this sunflower hat and this lemon hat. I gave him a rough idea of how I wanted them to look, and I was amazed at how they turned out! We plan on creating quite a few more products for the shop, TJ specifically wants to add some more "for the guys" products. Be sure to follow along on our Land of the Pine Instagram!

Lemon hat

Route 66 painting

Thanks for reading!

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  1. How exciting Cara! The designs are all gorgeous and so unique!