Fitness Friday XV

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! Although I had to take a bit of break after I sustained a labral tear in my left hip (more about that here if you're new), I'm excited to bring back my monthly roundup of my workout schedule, food I have been trying, and cute activewear picks! I technically brought it back in August, but it was more of an injury update. This one will be going back to my old format, after 5 whole months!

Aside from my home workouts I have been doing at about 3 or 4 times per week, over the last month I have tried the following classes to test how my hip responds:
Air Foundation at Air (3 classes)
Air Core at Air
Barre pop up with Hive Fitness
Yoga at Fit Atelier
FlyFit pop up with SweatNET
Pure Barre Reform

I also went kayaking at the US National Whitewater Center in early August. I thought that was a good test for my hip because it involved some twisting and obviously all sitting, which used to be one of the most painful things before I started PT exercises. But it went pretty well! I have been a little surprised with how much I have been able to do since getting back into these classes. It is pretty consistent (except for a bit of the one barre class) that I have been able to find easy modifications and keep moving through the exercises that would bother my hip. I also recently started going to see a physical therapist that specializes in dancers, and I wish I went to see her sooner! I thought I didn't really need to see anyone else after I was given the exercises by my Ortho PA in June, and was told to keep it up at my last appointment. But, the progress I was making started to feel a little stagnant and I was curious to see if there was anything else I could be doing to help this injury. I have only gone for one appointment so far, but she did some hands-on work releasing the tightness in the muscles around my hip. I had no idea how much the muscles around the injury had been compensating and how tense they had become! Although it does make sense since I have been advised not to stretch my hip, and it felt great to get some of that tension worked out. I'm very hopeful that adding this work in will get me back to feeling pain free at a quicker rate!


  1. I have two favorite dinner meal prep recipes I've been making lately, they're both basically just varieties of Italian inspired chicken. I've made them both twice within the last month or so! They're both fairly quick to make, save and reheat well, and last through the week. The Chicken Caprese Skillet and Paleo Zoodle Chicken Parmesan Casserole, both from one of my favorite food blogs, Fed and Fit!
  2. I've been trying a lot of different protein bars since I started tracking macros (more on that here) and I think the best are by far, are One bars! They are a great solution if you are looking to  fill high protein and low fat macros, and they're also low in sugar. They have several great flavors but my favorite is easily the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt!
  3. Ok this is not exactly food, but since I took a break from making these posts I found this Cold Brew Coffee Maker for an incredible deal (just $30!) at TJ Maxx. I have been buying jugs of cold brew from the grocery store week after week for the last year or so. Although those are fairly affordable compared to getting a single cold brew from a coffee shop, this maker is an even better way! I have been buying a canister of French Roast (low acid version) beans from Trader Joe's (for maybe $7 or $8?) that last me a few weeks worth of coffee in the cold brew maker.


Thanks for reading!

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