Spring Wedding Guest and Easter Dresses from Small Businesses

As I mentioned in Monday's post, this is a pretty crazy time we are in. It still feels a little strange to be promoting products while some people are facing some financial hardships while being out of work. But it also seems like there is a crowd of people that are bored and are filling their time with online shopping, so if you happen to fall into that group, this post is for you! I also thought this post would be fun to put together as something to look forward to.  I'm trying to think positively, hoping that we will be somewhat back to normal for occasions like Easter and spring weddings. In an effort to highlight some small businesses, this is a roundup of spring dresses ideal for Easter and spring weddings, (plus some white ones for brides to be) but won't be linking any department store or national chains. It is really important to be supporting small businesses while many of them are closed. Local to Charlotte that I'll be supporting are Fit Atelier and SweatNET Charlotte. They both have online streaming options with all of the home workout options. Fit Atelier has their signature exclusive classes (with a free 2 week trial) and SweatNET is adding several new classes every day with code "STREAMFREE" for a free month!

Thanks for reading!

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