Fall Wishlist

As summer is winding down, I thought it was a good time to make a Fall Wishlist post. I still have almost 2 weeks at home before I go back to school but I'm so excited to go back! I'm going to be moving into an apartment with my very best friends :) So here are just some things I love for this fall!

Some of the things I've already ordered recently are:

2 J. Crew inspired statement necklaces from Groopdealz. They have yet to arrive but I can't wait to wear them!
I have been meaning to get a Spirit Jersey all summer now, I got this ombre USA one from Spirit Football Jersey and I love it so much! I'm actually wearing it as I'm typing this post. My universtiy doesn't have a Greek system so sadly I cannot get one with my letters on the back but I'm hoping I can convince the dance department at my school to get some this year. These are just so comfy and I know I'm going to live in this one at school
Just this afternoon I have ordered myself a pair of magenta Hunter rain boots! I am SO excited to get them in the mail. Where I go to school it rains very often throughout the year and basically never stops snowing the winter so I know these will help get me through it. The rain boots I currently have aren't holding up very well and aren't very warm, plus these are too cute! Since I am only 5'2 and a 5.5 in shoes I went with the kid's size boots, I think they will fit me better because I was a little worried about the adult sizes being too tall (I measured on my leg where they go to and it seemed a little bit high) and they were about the half the price, so I couldn't resist. I am in love with this color, and can't wait to wear them!

Now here are some of the things I have my eye on for fall
 I saw this J. Crew quilted jacket in the store the other day and I fell in love with it
Last year I really loved the Lilly Pulitzer Tusk in the Sun print, so I was super excited to see that it has been into a murfee scarf this fall
I've been really into peplum tops recently, so I love that Banana Republic has made peplum sweaters!
As soon as I saw this J. Crew jeweled chambray shirt, I knew that I will be watching for it to end up on sale
Although I know I will not be spending this much money on a skirt, this Brooks Brother's jacquard skirt is just gorgeous
One of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress this season has to be this colorful chevron one
Even though this is from J. Crew last year, I'm really regretting not buying this Fair Isle sweater when it was in stores and I'm hoping to find it on eBay for an okay price
I first saw one of these Southern Proper Belle Bands on Instagram and I love them so much! I'm a bit of a headband addict and I really really love dogs so I plan on getting one of these sometime soon

My other favorite Lilly dress this season is this one, I have to wear black dresses for events on campus for my major, so if this ever goes on sale I will most definitely end up in my closet

Thanks for reading!


  1. Such cute pieces. I will have to go shopping soon! Just found your blog and love it. Is the only way to follow via bloglovin?



    1. thanks! yes there is, if you click the + icon up towards the top right on my blog :)