My Mixed Feelings about Forever 21

I've never been a really big fan of Forever 21's products. I do think it's really great if you want to try out a recent trend, but not spend a lot of money, and I think they do have some pretty good options for that and for basics!
Although most of the clothes I really like are expensive, I only buy them on sale, and I know that I am paying for quality fabric. And I don't really like places like Francesca's (love their accessories though) and Express for clothes, because they have cheap fabrics but expensive prices. Forever 21's cheap fabric for cheap prices make sense to me! 
However, some of the stuff in their store I just question why they were even made. And why do they have so many cropped sweaters?! Your stomach isn't cold but your arms are? And there are a lot of times I look at something and think "That would be cute if only it didn't have ___". I know they try to cater to every style, there are some things I just cannot see being practical to anyone! Anyways here are some of my favorite items Forever21 has right now, I'll leave the cropped unicorn sweatshirts, baseball caps covered in silk flowers and studs, and the shirts with sayings in other languages that are grammatically incorrect, or quoted wrong to someone else though.
Forever 21 Likes

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Oh my gosh I am with you in that I'm NOT an Express fan! I have one pair of dress pants from there for my internship and I had to exchange them so early on because they ripped right away- such bad quality (and not cheap!). I am actually a big Forever 21 fan but I always seem to luck out there... I agree thoughs some of the stuff they sell cna be a little weird. :-) I like the stuff you picked out though!

    xoxo A

  2. I feel the same way about H&M! I bought a sweater a couple of years ago and I had to throw it away right after I washed it. Some of my more expensive sweaters (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste...) are almost three years old and I still wear them.

    1. Yeah, I got a shirt from H&M that ripped within a few wears. And same, I've had some RL pieces for about 6 years that are still in great condition!