C. Wonder is Back!

Anyone remember Tory Burch's ex-husband's store C. Wonder? I was a little obsessed with it just before they went out of business a little over a year ago in January of 2015.  I really loved the brand partially because there were always quite a few items embellished with a gold "C" on them, so pre-monogrammed for me and anyone else with the same initial. But they also always had nice clothes, the cutest little home decor pieces, and some really nice travel bags. I carry my navy nylon tote just about everyday, it was my school bag for my last 2 semesters and now I bring it work all the time too. They aren't exactly back to how they once were with the stores in malls and online, but they have a new collection for QVC. It includes a few of their classic pieces like the "Bee Happy" loafers and initial cuff bangles, and other pieces I have included in this post!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I had heard C. Wonder was coming back, but I didn't know the details. Thanks for sharing today! Loving the lace dress! Hope you have a great Monday.

  2. I watched the presentation on QVC and it definitely felt a bit different but some of the items were still cute!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

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