Sugar-Free Moscow Mule Recipe

Moscow Mules are my favorite cocktails, and we typically make them when I go home for the holidays. So I thought I would share how I am changing that up this year, with the Be Mixed ginger-lime mixer, which is sugar-free! It is also all natural,  gluten-free, with no calories, or preservatives.

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As much as I love a Moscow Mule with the traditional ginger beer, most sugary drinks tend make me feel sick. And ginger beer usually has about 20 grams of sugar. So I think this is a great sugar-free option, that is a lot more fun than something like a vodka soda, which is usually my go-to drink at bars. And I added some cranberries to give it more of a holiday feel!

And if you aren't a Moscow Mule fan, Be Mixed also comes in Margarita (just add tequila), and Cucumber-Mint, which is really good with vodka and club soda! Or if you just don't like vodka, try a Kentucky Mule with bourbon. And if you don't drink, just leave out the alcohol for a mocktail!

1 Be Mixed Ginger-Lime
1 shot of vodka
Slice of lime
Cranberries (optional)

This was really simple to make, I just poured the bottle of Be Mixed and a shot of vodka with ice into my cocktail shaker, poured it all back into my copper mugs, added about a handful of cranberries, and a slice of lime.
Let me know if you end up trying this recipe! What's your favorite holiday cocktail?

Thank you to Be Mixed for sending me some of their mixers to try, all opinions are my own.
Thanks for reading!

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