My Christmas Wishlist

Velvet ruffle skirt | Navy flats | Tie top | Bow sleeve sweater | Gray skirt | Bell sleeve top | Plaid tie-neck top | Velvet heels | Liquid lipstick set | Ruffle sleeve top

I thought I would break up the holiday outfits and gift guides by sharing my Christmas wish list. My birthday is also 2 weeks after Christmas, so I typically just make one list for both days. I feel like I ask for clothes every year...but ever since I started working, my list has become a lot of workwear. And if you like any of these pieces, a lot of them are on sale now! What are you asking for this year?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the bell sleeve tops you picked out. I'd love a new Fitbit. My Fitbit broke a couple months ago, and I've missed seeing how many steps I can get each day.