Fitness Friday XIII

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! My monthly breakdown of my workout schedule, new foods and healthy habits I'm trying to get into, and activewear picks. This February edition marks a whole year, and I have so much fun putting this post together each month! Also, I did not mean to have 3 fitness posts in a row, I have just had several outfit shoots rained out lately...anyway I have tried a few fun new classes this month. But also have had to cancel quite several classes due to catching the flu this week. I am hoping it doesn't keep me from moving for too long, and can't wait to get back! And in case you missed them, here are the Fitness Friday posts from January and last December!

Week of 2/3-2/9
XHAUST (HIIT) at Jamie Scott Fitness (free class week)
Power 45 (barre) at Flywheel Sports
DropSound (silent disco style) Yoga with SweatNET (free)
C2 (hot yoga) at CorePower Yoga
Air Core at AIR Aerial Fitness
treadPower at treadHappy

Week of 2/10-2/16
CoreFormer (pilates) at Core 704 (free opening week)
Hot yoga at VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness
Air Flow (aerial yoga) at AIR
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Barre at AIR

Week of 2/17-2/23
Method 45 (cycling) at Flywheel Sports (free with SweatNET)
Yoga Sculpt at CorePower Yoga
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Reform at Pure Barre
Barre at AIR

Week of 2/24-today
Hot yoga at VIBE5
...and then I got the flu!
I was supposed to go to but had to cancel:
Open Ballet at Charlotte Ballet
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
SweatNET event at Core 704
Barre at AIR

I ended up with 17 workouts since my last post, which is pretty good for getting the flu at the end, right? I tried three new classes and two studios: treadPower at treadHappy which is a group running studio somewhat new to Charlotte. The class went back and forth between a treadmill and on the floor with weights. They have several types of classes, including a few that are just running. I have never liked running but really enjoyed the class! The way it was broken up, I was only running for a few minutes at a time, which I think is just what I needed. I also went to the new location of Core 704 for a Coreformer class, which is their version of a pilates reformer. It was pretty tough and my abs were sore for days, but I will definitely be back! I also have been to plenty of classes at CorePower Yoga before, but usually only for the C2 or C1, which are just hot yoga with a short core section. However, they have opened up a lot more classes on ClassPass lately so I finally got to try their signature Yoga Sculpt! It is definitely my new favorite of their classes, I was expecting hot yoga with some weight work. But it was a little more than I was expecting, there was even a cardio section. And as always, I got a few free workouts in with my SweatNET membership around Charlotte! They have so many fun events coming up, so if you're in Charlotte and aren't a member yet, you can join here!

  1. If you missed Wednesday's post, I talked all about nutrition coaching! Head over there for details on macro counting and how that has been affecting my diet.
  2. Separate the nutrition coaching, I took on the Sugar Free February challenge, which went pretty well! Although one way I went around it was making these coconut sugar brownies for Valentine's Day. They still have most of the ingredients of regular brownies but refined sugar is replaced with coconut sugar, and it also a flourless recipe. I really liked them, and thought they only tasted a little different from a classic brownie regular!
  3. Going off of macro counting, I have made this sweet potato wedge recipe every week to get my carbs in! It is very simple to make, and saves fairly well if you make a big batch at the beginning of the week.

Thanks for reading!

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