Past Outfit Favorites On Sale Now

Dress ($35.99 from $110) | Very similar wedges ($103.60 from $148)

Entering week 6 of quarantine and I'm starting to give in to the online shopping. I'm so fortunate to still be working, but I know that is not the case for many. If I did not leave my last job, I would be included in that number of those out of work right now. So I am in no way trying to be insensitive to that with this post. But if you are passing some of this time shopping, I thought I would share some great deals on some of my favorite pieces I've styled on the blog before. I'm still trying to support local over large retailers, but I just had to share some of these great markdowns!

Jeans ($23.99 from $75, and many other great styles that usually start at $128)

Seersucker top ($26.99 from $68) | Seersucker bottoms ($11.39 from $44)

Dress ($48.98 from $178)

Sweater ($47.99 from $118) | Layering turtleneck ($8.39 from $39.50)

Leggings ($39.97 from $88)

Pullover ($25.79 from $138) | Sneakers ($60 from $80)

Earrings ($29.97 from $80)

Thanks for reading!

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