Fitness Friday 23

Week 7 of quarantine and my 2nd Fitness Friday post in quarantine, how are the home workouts going? You'll see from my schedule below, I was very motivated to move some weeks and struggling a little bit other weeks. We  have had some beautiful weather for walking around the neighborhood, but not having somewhere to go for a workout has kept me from exercising as much as I normally would some weeks. But I have been consistent with food for the most part, I just keep buying the same mostly healthy groceries and have picked up some takeout a few times.

Week of 3/30-4/5
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live (twice)
Ballet on Instagram Live with @isabellaboylston
Slider workout from @kirstygodso
Sculpt on Instagram Live with @savbutler
Flybarre on Instagram Live with @barretotable
305 Fitness on Sweatnet Charlotte (use code "STREAMFREE" for a free month)

Week of 4/6-4/12
Toned on Instagram Live with @fitatelier
Flybarre with @barretotable
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live
 20 minute yoga from Yoga with Adrienne

Week of 4/13-4/19
Flybarre with @barretotable
Cardio Burner on SweatNET Charlotte
FlyFIT on SweatNET Charlotte
305 Fitness on SweatNET Charlotte

Week of 4/20-4/26
Core HIIT on SweatNET Charlotte
Jabs by Gina on @propelwater
Glute burn on SweatNET Charlotte
Neighborhood Barre on SweatNET Charlotte
Barry's Bootcamp on Instagram Live

Week of 4/27-today
Jabs by Gina on Zoom
Pilates with Greensboro Ballet (where I grew up dancing) on Instagram Live
Sculpt express on SweatNET Charlotte


  1. Not much to report here. I mentioned my go-to quarantine foods in last month's version of this post, and not much has changed. I've sort of kept the same rotation of those foods I have already mentioned.
  2. But I have gotten back into some slightly healthier baking, like these flourless (non-refined sugar) peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they turned out great!
  3. I also plan on making this chickpea cookie dough recipe I've seen going around this weekend.


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