Pink and Gold Dress for When We Can Go to Weddings Again

I was hoping to be sharing this dress along with my regular Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale content, but the sale has still yet to happen. Maybe it will be next week? Maybe the June sale was the early version? We will see. I was also hoping to actually be wearing this dress for one of the several weddings we were supposed to be going to pre-quarantine, but they have all re-scheduled.  We had 5 friend's weddings planned in 2020, 1 last spring and 4 in the fall. Most of them are still going through with smaller ceremonies and postponed the big celebrations. While it is so sad to see, and has us worried for our own wedding in June, we are glad all of our friends are being cautious. Although we are trying to be optimistic, we are also prepared that there is a chance TJ and I may be faced with the same situation. There are clearly much larger issues to worry about in today's world. But for that and many other obvious reasons, here's hoping all of this stays in 2020!

Thanks for reading!

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