Wedding Wednesday: What We've Planned So Far

TJ and I have been engaged a little over 3 months, and already have so much planned! This is all mostly thanks to my amazing mom. She has taken the Mother of the Bride title very seriously, and is just as excited as we are! I thought it might be fun to share what we have planned so far, about 9 months out from our wedding date. Although since we have taken engagement photos, we have been mostly focusing on finding our future home. There's much more to share about that for a future post!

Already planned:
We will be getting married in the church I grew up in, and where I have received all of my other Catholic sacraments.

Reception venue
We will have cocktail hour and the reception at my family's country club.

Officiant (more on that in this post)
We are so excited that the priest who introduced us will also be marrying us!

My dress, veil, shoes, and earrings (for rehearsal too!)
I'm already too excited to share all of those details after the wedding!

Hair and Makeup
I haven't decided details yet, I've been pinning lots of ideas lately.

Photographer and Videographer
Some of the earliest decisions that were made was to secure photos and video for our date.

Our wedding date just so happens to fall when my favorite flowers are in season!

This was also one of our first decisions, some bands were already booked over a year in advance.

Dinner and drinks are conveniently combined with the venue.

Wedding Party
We will each have 7 people by our sides, I might share in a future post how I asked by bridesmaids.

Engagement Photos (in case you missed this post)
We had the best time with Deeana, who takes about 99% of the photos you see on the blog!

Some day-of details
Like where we will be getting ready, transportation from church to reception, etc.

In Progress:
Wedding Website
I think we will be using Zola.

Save the Dates and Invitations
I've had meetings with a local vendor, we just need to figure out details.

Honeymoon Planning
COVID is sort of getting in the way of this one. We would love to go to Europe, but aren't expecting we will be allowed in any of those countries.

Bridesmaids Dresses
Although this is mostly done, I've had a great experience with Brideside so far!

Guest List
This one is also COVID dependent, but we're hoping will be okay by June.

We have tasted cake flavors, but haven't figured out details yet.

Maybe I'll do another one of these updates in another 3 months, when we are 6 months away!

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Thanks for reading!

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