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As much as I love dressing up, I'm also pretty practical in my clothing purchases. So when most of my time outside of working from home involves outdoor activities like hiking and (soon will be) biking, I'm buying more activewear than regular clothes. TJ and I have been taking day trips almost every weekend lately, and we usually center them around: something outdoors, exploring a new area, and stopping into antique stores. So something like an exercise dress or a tennis skirt has been ideal for these trips. I built up quite the collection of activewear when I was frequenting workout classes in Charlotte. So it has been fun to add some different types of pieces like dresses and skirts!

 I posted awhile ago about Exercise Dresses and what I was looking for in one. I finally found one that was in a bright color, with built in shorts, at a decent price. I found this bright pink one and have been loving it. This dress is so comfortable, and has been great for hiking and to wear while traveling. I've actually liked the dress so much I bought it in a second color! It didn't hurt that I got a $20 off code with the first purchase...but I think we all knew that I was going to want the navy one too.

I have also been loving that tennis skirts have joined the dresses in being worn for other activities lately. I got this one from Aerie and wore it hiking last weekend. I love that the sides are shorter, which can make your legs look longer. It reminded me of some of the skirts I loved to wear in rehearsal back when I was in ballet. Although a different style, I've had my eye on this gingham one for awhile too.

And I sort of mentioned in the beginning of the post, TJ and I have also recently ordered bikes. So I'm sure there will be more to come in this category. I also plan to share a big roundup of our weekend day trips at some point!

Some more favorites:

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