Oh Shift!

This week I got all settled into my new apartment for my sophomore year of college! My best friend and roommate Hannah has started her own blog cappuccinosandcouture so we will be taking each other's pictures of our blogs this year. She also made a post about our lovely apartment earlier today

I also got my Endless Summer Sale Items in the mail, I made a post the day of the sale about what I got but my Get Nauti Lockwood dress didn't work out, so I ordered this Delia dress in the Tootie print instead! Although I have many Lilly dresses this is my first shift dress, so I thought it needed to be the classic pink and green :) It was an amazing deal ($268 marked down to $50) and I was surprised to hear that they actually didn't sell the Delia dress in this print until the Summer Sale, which makes me even happier that I got it! 

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer 
Bracelet: Lilly Pulitzer 
Shoes: Michael Kors (from the kid's section of Marshall's actually) 
Monogram Necklace: local Lilly signature store
Headband: J. Crew Factory (from last year)

and don't forget to check out Hannah's post!

Thanks for reading! I hope to be posting a lot more of these posts this year

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