Kid's Size Hunter Boot FAQ

I tend to wear my hot pink kids sized Hunter boots probably more than one person should. I've been getting a lot of questions on my Tumblr about how the kids sizing works in comparison to adult sizing, so that's what this post is for! I recommend buying the kids Hunters if you have small feet and are short, because not only are they half the price of the adult ones, they are a much better height on the legs if yours are short like mine!

What size did you get?

These are the Original Gloss kid's boot in "big kid" size 4M in the color "lipgloss" that I ordered from Nordstrom about a year and a half ago. Here is what they offer for colors and styles!

How do the kids sizes compare to adult sizes?

 I usually wear a 5.5 or sometimes a 6 in women's shoes, this is the size chart I used to figure out my size. 

I'm 5'2" and they fit me well, they're just a bit short but I would take that over the adult sizes that go over my knees. I also don't think anyone can tell they are kid's boots unless I tell them, or they know from the reflectors on the back. 

How are Hunters in the snow?

They're alright. If you go in snow above the tops of your feet they get veryy cold, unless you have the welly socks in, which they also make in kids sizes. Even with them, my feet still get pretty cold in deep snow though. If the areas are plowed or the snow isn't that high (basically a regular snowfall in any southern state) they do just fine, and have pretty good traction for ice!

Here they are with a skirt so you can see where they height ends up compared to my knees a little better than with pants

And another look with pants

And finally, as you can sort of see in this photo (sorry, this is the only one I had of the back of them) there are little silver reflectors at the top edge and heel of the kid's ones. I don't think they're a big deal, but I don't see the back of my own legs so, I really don't know. But that's just something to also know if you want to buy the kid's size!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I wish I had smaller feet so I could get kids sizes! I am an 8 but I am 5'2. The adult ones are wayyyyy too tall on me so I dont think I will be getting any anytime soon! :(

    Love Always,