Winter Break Recap

After 6 weeks at home for Christmas break and taking an online J Term class, I had to leave the warmer temperatures of the south and face the snow again at school for spring semester. It's been nice avoiding the lake effect snow for 3 weeks, I'm really glad this online class is over. I tried flying back to school on Monday but with the blizzard affecting the northeast, my first flight was delayed, meaning I would miss my second flight. So I re-scheduled my flights for tomorrow morning since everything was closed today. So I got a bonus day and a half at home! Anyway, my semester starts tomorrow, I'm missing my first few classes, but this was a really great time spent at home!

I had a lot of fun celebrating Christmas

New Year's
My dad's 50th birthday and my 21st birthday

Spent lots of time blogging

Went to a blogging meet up, and met one of my favorite bloggers who happens to be in my area!

To all of the other college students out there, enjoy your spring semester!

Thanks for reading!
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