Tips for Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (or "Preppy Black Friday" as some of my friends call it) is tomorrow, August 17th! For some reason they didn't make any social media announcements until this morning, in their promo emails, and their social channels. However, earlier this morning prior to the announcement, this FAQ sale page on the Lilly Pulitzer site had the details.

These sales happen twice a year, this time in August and early January (right before my birthday!). They used to be called the Endless Summer Sale and New Year Cheer Sale, but now share the same name. And new for this sale, the corporate stores (not the via signature stores like Palm Avenue, In the Pink, etc.) will also be having a sale. I have one of the via stores and 2 Belk stores near me that carry Lilly, but the nearest corporate store is about an hour away, so I will be missing out on that part of the sale because I have to work. 
It's easy to see that I love Lilly Pulitzer, but also love sales. And there isn't a regular sale section on the Lilly website, so these are some of my favorite days of the year! For the last few sales, everything has been under $100, which is great when most of the dresses are about $100-$300 regularly priced! 
However if it goes as it usually does, things from the current fall collection, and agendas are not included. But things from throughout the past year will be, including the resort, spring, and summer collections will be!
It's always crazy when it first starts, and the site will go down a few times, that's just how it is.  Apparently there will be a line system this year, probably in hopes to keep to site from going down. But, be patient and you will get some great Lilly deals! Now I'll be outlining some tips to shop the sale, and some of the my favorite past deals from it!
The FAQ page answers just about every question you might have and includes some tips but I have a few more of my own:
1. Create an account if you don't have one already, and have your addresses and payment options saved, because things go really fast. And be signed in on multiple devices before the sale! You won't be able to access the site earlier in the morning so sign in at some point tonight!
2. Note that the sizing has changed a little over the past year! I've needed to size up in some of the items I have bought this year, so that should be something you should consider, because all items are final sale, no returns. 
3. They always say that shipping and processing takes several weeks, but it's usually very fast. Except for one time last year where I put in my address through the Auto Complete feature on Chrome and it was my school address in PA but with the zip code for home in NC...2 items were corrected and arrived with no issues, but one had to be rerouted. So basically as long as you don't do what I did, and if it goes the way it usually does, you should have your items within a few days!
4. As it says at the top of the FAQ page, there is a new line system that puts you at the end of the line after you check out. Usually it is best to make multiple check outs so things don't get taken out of your cart, and the shipping is all free. But it seems like that won't be as easy as it was this time around!
Happy shopping Lilly lovers!
Here are some of the items I have gotten from past sales:
Taking it back a bit, this dress and bracelet from this post were from the August 2013 sale, I'm pretty sure the dress was marked down $50, and the bracelet to $30.

The sweater from this post was from the August 2014 sale, it was marked down to $29!

The skirt from this post was from the January 2013 sale, I do not remember how much it was marked down to, but I think it was about $20. The prices aren't as low as they used to be though.

The dress from this post I bought right before the online sale in a store sale, but was included in the online sale from August 2014, for I think around $70.

The scarf in this post was from the August 2013 sale, it was marked down to $29!

The dress in this post was from the January 2015 sale, it was marked down to $49.

The dress from this recent post was from the August 2014 sale, it was marked down to $44.

And here are some of my current Lilly Pulitzer favorites:

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I'm curious how the new line system is going to work, it seems quite confusing when talking about check out (so I guess we are supposed to not check out multiple times now?). I'm still very, very excited for it! I wish I didn't have to work so I could go to the in-store sale at Southpark!