Fitness Friday XVII

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Welcome back to Fitness Friday! I know the fitness content has been really lacking since my hip injury, but I'm hoping to really get back into in 2020.  I've sort of worked my way back to 3 classes per week, and it feels great! I've also sort of been jumping around to some newer studios since I recently started a new job. So it has been a bit of change of lifestyle (since my old office had the shortest commute possible) and I have been going to places closer to my new office!

Week of 11/4-11/10
Power 45 (barre) at Flywheel
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Aquarium Yoga with SweatNET Charlotte
The Beat at Fit Atelier

Week of 11/11-11/17
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Strength Movement at Fit Atelier

Week of 11/18-11/24
URBN MVMNT's Flex class with SweatNET Charlotte
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Pilates Megaformer at HSM Core

Week of 11//25-12/1
Sweat Fusion at Sweat Method
SCLPT MTHD at Fit Atelier

Week of 12/2-yesterday
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier (that we filmed part of!)
Power 45 (barre) at Flyhweel Sports
Abs and Ass (double floor) at Barry's Bootcamp

After this month, I think I feel my hip more the less I exercise. Which doesn't make much sense, but I also am still trying to be very careful with it. I think I just have to figure a balance of what is just enough, without overdoing it. I finished up PT for my hip labral tear in October, and I think this was my first full month feeling like I can really go for it in some classes I might have felt I wasn't ready for a few months ago. Most notably, Barry's Bootcamp recently opened in Charlotte and their PR team was so generous in giving me a complimentary intro class pack. As I'm typing this post, I took my first class a few hours ago, and I loved it! I opted for double floor because although I have felt like my hip has been doing well, I didn't want to chance running just yet. Although this was also because I wasn't really sure how much running was involved the class, and it was a little less than I thought. The running blocks are broken up between the floor blocks, and there are short breaks in between. But I really liked double floor and I'm excited to try a few other muscle group classes, like the lower body and full body focused classes!

  1. I've been really into making different types of bowls for lunch lately. I tried to copy one of Chopt's warm bowls with a basmati rice and quinoa mix, sweet potato chunks, kale, chicken, and a balsamic vinaigrette. I have also made burrito type bowl with lime rice, black beans, corn, chicken, avocado, and salsa. They're great to meal prep by making all at once and separating out into containers for the week.
  2. I've also been trying some Trader Joe's frozen meals for dinner, I have recently tried their zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs and marinara sauce, and got the idea from this article to add a poached or soft egg (or 2) to the quinoa duo.


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