How To Take Boutique Fitness Classes for Less

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I get asked every once in awhile how I am able to jump around to so many different studios for fitness classes. More often, people have told me they would like to go to classes like I do, but can't justify the cost. So I thought I would break down a few ways that make it a little bit easier! Yes, it is still more expensive than a traditional gym membership. But as I have mentioned a few times, I just find it so much more fun and worth every cent I spend on these classes!

1. ClassPass
This is the easiest way to take some of the pricier classes at more affordable rates. On ClassPass, you pay one monthly membership fee that allows you to book classes at many different studios. It used to be a much better value, but it is still worth it for quite a few studios. When I first started taking classes in Charlotte, I could get 10 classes for a flat rate of $9 each (for classes that regularly cost $25+) on ClassPass. This has since changed to a credit system and classes can range from 4-12 credits (at least that is what I commonly see at the studios I attend), and the credit value can change for a few different reasons: length of class, popularity of time slot, amount of spots left, etc. If you can consistently find lower credit classes, you could take quite a few classes per month. Another perk to ClassPass is that the same membership works in all of their markets. So if you travel frequently, the same membership can be used to book in many different cities. There are also video and audio workouts included with the membership that you can do at home. Which can be a good option if you can't make it to a class, or run out of your credits for the month.

2. Look for Offers
A lot of the studios I go to for classes book through the MindBody app. Some studios have last minute offers within a day or two before the class, like the below screenshot. I was looking on Tuesday night to see the offers for classes on Wednesday.

I have sometimes also searched the word "Free" and found a few classes! This is usually due to studio promotions, new instructors, or new types of classes!

3. Pop-up Classes
I have tried quite a few new studios or types of classes lately at pop-up events for free or a very low cost, usually under $10. If you have an Athleta store near you, my local store brings in instructors (from places like Flywheel and Club Pilates) for free classes on Sunday mornings. Pop-up classes seem to be pretty common for new studios before their space is ready for classes, so you can try the workout before they are open. And this might just be a Charlotte thing, but local breweries host workouts almost daily that are usually very low cost, with a drink included! I think the best place to look for pop-up classes is following studios on Instagram, and through Facebook events.

3. SweatNET
If you are local to Charlotte, you know I love them and talk about them in almost every fitness post. SweatNET is a community that brings so many of the fitness studios in Charlotte together, offers discounts to over 100 studios, hosts some great events, and free workouts included with your membership! For just $10 a month you have already gotten your money's worth if you can only make it to one member workout. I post about specific events on my Instagram story all the time, including DropSound silent disco style yoga, Blacklight Chakti yoga, or member events at big studios like Flywheel, Cyclebar, and Air for free!
Update: SweatNET is expanding and is now also in Seattle, Nashville, and Grand Rapids!

And another thing worth mentioning if you're local to Charlotte, my friend Nicola broke down what are called "energy exchange" programs at yoga studios, here! Basically, studios offer free or discounted classes in exchange for tasks like cleaning up the studio, working the front desk, etc. But outside of Charlotte, one of the programs she mentions is at the national chain, CorePower Yoga!

Thanks for reading!

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