How I Decorate My Studio Apartment for Christmas

 Plaid mug

My apartment is officially ready for Christmas! I shared a few photos of it two seasons ago, so I thought it was time for an update. I added some fun pillows this year, and a gold sequin runner on my TV stand. And I forgot to take a photo, but I found a fun wreath for my door when I went to the Southern Christmas Show. I also already got my gifts wrapped, which I think adds a little more to my tree. I sort of keep everything decor related to the living room area. I live in a studio, but the layout is not the typical big square. It is hard to describe, but it is more divided into a living room/kitchen area, and the bathroom, bedroom, and closet are separated. So here are some details showing how I decorated it. I don't have much space, but I always have so much fun putting it all together!

I found this "pencil" tree from Michael's

Sequin pillows | Velvet pillows | Similar Christmas pillow

I also found these mini trees from Michael's

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What to Wear to An Office Holiday Party

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Similar Fairisle sweater here, here, and here (mine is old Vineyard Vines) | Similar pleated midi skirt here and here | Similar block heels | Bag | Similar earrings | Stila lip color

I have been a big fan of sweaters paired with long skirts lately, so I put a few of my old favorites together for this look! I am thinking I may wear this to my office holiday party, which is always planned for right after work, and therefore not too dressy. I love wearing these full pleated skirts because they are just so much fun to wear! But, I feel like they are a little much for a regular workday. I was also very excited to bring this sweater back out. I've had it for 5 years now, I find a holiday occasion for it every year!

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10 Gift Ideas Under $50

Fairisle hat ($18) | Glittens ($30) | Necklace ($48) | Candle set ($27) | Cinema light box ($15) | Bluetooth ear pods ($40) | Plaid scarf ($10) | Minimergency kit ($18) | Charging keychain ($30) | Tumbler ($32)

This gift guide may be a little late, at least it would be for me, because I have done about 90% of my gift shopping. But if you didn't try to buy all of your gifts during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, here are 10 cute ideas all under $50! I think these are some nice options for friends, coworkers, moms, sisters, really any lady on your list! I like to give useful gifts and I feel like these are practical options. The hat, scarf, and glove/mittens can be worn through the winter and neutral colors would match any coat. The candle set would last awhile on any coffee table or desk, and the light box is a great addition to a bookshelf or bar cart. Plus the pendant necklace can add a nice little touch to any outfit, and is simple enough to wear with sweats. The wireless ear pods would be great for anyone who is constantly listening to music or podcasts, or a fitness junkie to use at the gym. And the tumbler and charging keychain would be useful for long days at work to keep coffee warm (or cold, depending on your preference) and keep your phone charged!

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My Christmas Wishlist

Work pants | Sweater dress | Fitted dress | Pearl ring | Sweater | Gold bag | Pink sneakers | Activewear jacket

In the middle of gift guide season (there are a few on their way to this blog!) I always like to see the other side, what bloggers want for Christmas, or whatever holiday they celebrate. Since I finished school (3 years ago now), I usually just ask for things to wear to work or to workout. Such as these pants I already have in navy and are great for work, this fun sweater dress, and some blush pink sneakers for HIIT classes. But this year I switched things up a little by also asking for a class pack for one of my favorite fitness studios! My birthday is also 2 weeks after Christmas, so it is sort of a dual list. If you've seen any other Christmas List posts out there, send them my way, I think they're so much fun to read!

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What to Wear to a December Wedding

I mentioned last week that Christmas/Holiday themed shoots are the most fun to shoot, and this dress may be my favorite of 2018! I have followed Gal Meets Glam's blog since I was in college, and my best friend Hannah and I would always read her posts together. We were both very excited when Julia announced back in the spring she would be launching a line of dresses, Gal Meets Glam Collection with new dresses each month. A few weeks before the collection launched, Hannah got engaged! She and her fiance Andrew (also a friend from college) set their wedding date for December. So I told myself I would wait to buy one of her dresses until there was one I could wear to their wedding rehearsal. It was definitely worth waiting for! I will be wearing a bridesmaids dress to the wedding, but if I was not, I would be wearing this dress! I may be a little cold in Colorado in December, but I can't wait! I think I'll be wearing this classic style for years, even outside of the holiday season. It is a great fit (even for my short self, I'm 5'2" and wearing a 00), the floral detail on the skirt is gorgeous, and I think the square neckline is so flattering. I styled it with my pearl strand, a blush clutch, and some (surprisingly comfy) velvet block heels! If you also have a wedding coming up, or you need a bit of a fancier dress for the holidays, I high recommend checking out the collection at Gal Meets Glam!

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Fitness Friday X

*original post

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This is my monthly roundup of workouts, sharing my attempts at creating healthier eating habits, and some activewear out now! I did a few more home workouts than usual between some traveling and just busy weeks where I find it easier to make some quick workouts at home fit in my schedule. I think the holidays may make staying in my routine a bit of a challenge, but I also need to start challenging myself to go to sleep earlier. I got some great suggestions on a recent Instagram post, we will see if I can provide an update on how that goes next month. And in case you missed them, here are my fitness updates from September and October.

Week of 11/4-11/11
"Jet, Set, and Tone" video on PopSugar Fitness
Hot yoga at VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness
Interval at AIR Aerial Fitness
HIIT Circuit at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Aerial yoga at AIR Aerial Fitness
FlyFit pop-up with Flywheel Sports at Legion Brewing

Week of 11/12-11/18
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
Barre at First Wind Cycling and Fitness
Cardio dance with MisFIT Dance
HIIT Circuit at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Barre at AIR Aerial Fitness

Week of 11/19-11/25
Reform at Pure Barre
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier (my friend Sophie's new class, it's amazing!)
Home for Thanksgiving- gym time at my parent's country club
Yoga Sculpt on Obé Fitness
Define Sculpt on Obé  Fitness

Week of 11/26-today
Interval at Air Aerial Fitness
H3 (interval hot yoga) at VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness
Yoga sculpt on Obé  Fitness
HIIT Circuit at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
SweatNET ambassador event at Ebb & Flow
Blacklight Chakti yoga with SweatNET Charlotte

I ended up with 21 workouts since my last post! I think that is pretty decent considering I was in Clemson one weekend, Atlanta another weekend, and spent a few days in Greensboro for Thanksgiving in the middle of last week. I also went to a fun SweatNET event with a quick workout and a little ambassador meetup this week. I'm also very excited for another round of blacklight Chakti yoga (that as this post is published) tonight! Those are just a few offerings along with the discounts I get on classes from being a SweatNET member. If you're local and into fitness, you should definitely join, here!

  1. I didn't really try any new recipes or new foods since my last post, but I mentioned in my recent Day in My Life post that I have been meal prepping my lunches for work and trying to find alternatives to sandwiches. I have been consistent for about 3 weeks now with packing a hard boiled egg, an oatmeal almond butter bite (from this recipe), and some fruit. Usually an apple and grapes or strawberries, along with some Skinny Pop popcorn.
  2. I have mentioned in this skincare post (and I think a few of these recent fitness posts) that I have been limiting cheese, after I discovered it has been helping my skin (a lot!). Actually dairy as a whole, but cheese was the main issue for me. I have been pretty consistent with it this month, even at restaurants. Which I thought was going to be more difficult than it has been. For example, at a favorite Mexican spot I switched my favorite quesadilla and chips with queso to tacos without any cheese and chips with salsa. Or, I took the cheese out of a chicken sandwich at another restaurant. But again, I'm only limiting not completely cutting out dairy. So when I was with my family a few weekends ago and pizza was the only option, I still enjoyed the pizza! I also still regularly eat feta cheese with eggs and salads. I don't think I could ever give that up! Although I have seen some vegan cheeses I've been meaning to try, I'll report back if I end up trying any of them.
  3. I have also recently found two snacks that seem decently healthy for packaged snacks. I have been enjoying these quinoa chips that I first actually found at Rite Aid, but I also found at Whole Foods and Publix. And these s'more flavored rice cakes, which I weirdly enough have only seen at Rite Aid so far.

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Gold Glitter Dress

 Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Glitter dress c/o | Bow earrings c/o | OTK boots | Red lipstick

I've been posting these photos all week for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and now I'm finally sharing them on the blog! Christmas themed shoots are usually my favorites of the entire year, and this one was no different. Give me some sparkles and red bows, and you have a happy blogger! I think this glitter dress would be great for any holiday party, it also opens up in the back for another added detail. These earrings would also be a great touch to a simpler outfit to add a little holiday flair. And if you broke the bank buying gifts over the last few days, the dress and earrings are both under $20!

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