Striped Shift Dress

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

THML Clothing dress | Heels (and super similar here) | Similar bag | Earrings c/o

I found this dress at this super cute boutique in Pawley's Island when I was there for my family vacation a few weeks ago. I've found several occasions to wear it already! The muted colors are a little different for me, but I think it will be very versatile to wear into fall. I'll just switch out the heeled sandals for flats or ankle boots and maybe add a jacket. It is super comfortable and the different colored stripes allow for a lot of different matching options!

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Beachy Leggings + Fitness Routine Update

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Lilly Pulitzer leggings | Tank top | Similar sports bra | Nikes | Sunglasses

I know what you might be thinking...yes, I got another pair of Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic leggings! They were marked down to 60% off and I couldn't resist. You have probably read enough about how much I love their leggings because they are the most comfortable, not the mention the cheerful prints, but this pair also has a printed mesh panel down the sides. I will soon be posting about the upcoming After Party Sale (Lilly Pulitzer's bi-annual sale), and these will most likely be included in it!
Now onto the fitness routine update...I posted back in May about how I was changing up my routine by attending morning workout classes. After trying it out for a few weeks with mostly morning classes, I now have a mix of some mornings and some evenings. Such as this week, I have done 2 evenings, a morning and an evening yesterday, and have 2 more mornings planned to end out the week. I had an idea that this schedule is what I would end up with when I first started the morning schedule. I feel like this is the best option for me because I can get the best of both schedules! They both have their pros and cons. If I do all mornings I have to go to sleep earlier (which is really tough for me), I do not have as many options for classes, but I feel like I can do so much more with my time after work. If I do all evenings, I get some extra sleep and have more variety in class options, but feel like I cannot get anything done if I am getting home later.
I have also learned that I will only wake up for a morning workout if I have a scheduled class, that will result in a fee if I do not show up. What I mean by that is if I plan to use my apartment gym, or use one of workout apps (like Obé or Aaptiv) in the morning, I usually just go right back to sleep. I have found myself doing app workouts the most when I get home from something planned after work. Or if I have some time between activities on a weekend, but not quite enough to make it to a studio. I have also been using them on some of my recent travels! So I just thought I would share those developments, and I'll probably have some more during my next Fitness Friday post!

Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Wrap Up + 5 Tips for Creating Your Own

Thanks for following along with my Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe series! But if this is the first post you have seen from it, here is Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4. To recap: I chose 21 pieces to make 21 business casual outfits, for the 21 work days in July. I put them all together in order above to show how the entire capsule turned out. Note: there are only 20 outfits because I somehow missing taking a photo of the last one, sorry about that! Anyway, I also thought I would share some tips for how I put it together. If you are new to the workforce and building your workwear, or just looking to refresh what you already have, here is how I mixed up my favorite pieces.

1. Choose some versatile pieces that could be styled in a few different ways. I started with the black skirt, gingham shirt, and dark printed dress.
2. Pick a color scheme that allows multiple ways for pieces to be styled. I started with neutrals: black, white, and navy. And then added a few fun colors: light blue, coral, yellow, and olive green! Back in my Winter Capsule I went with colors like burgundy, light blue, and pink.
3. Space it out so the pieces that make more of a statement (like my printed silk top, and yellow dress) are not worn too close together.
4. Choose a mix of neutral and statement shoes to pair with the outfits. I went with neutrals like nude flats, nude heels, and added orange flats, and striped heels!
5. Mix up your accessories as you go along. I always think a black and white outfit can be amped up with some bright pink earrings or a fun statement necklace, but still look professional.

These tips may not be the most helpful if you have a business professional dress code. But they have helped me pick out my business casual outfits for the last two years! Just like I mentioned during back in February during my Winter Capsule, this has really challenged me to mix up my closet and find new ways to wear my favorite pieces!

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Olive Shorts

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Olive shorts c/o | Similar tank | Necklace c/o | Shoes (and similar here) | Similar bag | Sunglasses

Time for another outfit that is a little outside of my typical style...I have worn this to go out to a few bars in Charlotte. I have been liking that these paper bag style of shorts have been popular lately, so I decided to try them out. I also recently found these shoes (similar here) that are surprisingly quite comfortable! I just got back from my best friend's bachelorette weekend in Austin and I wore them out for 2 nights in a row with no blisters. Which is kind of a big win for me, because that is a rare find!

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Austin Packing List

Sunglasses | Bikini top | Bikini bottoms | Sandals | Heeled sandals | Floral dress | Embroidered romper (packing a similar matching set ) | Monogram hat

I am so excited about my best friend Hannah's bachelorette this weekend!!! She is getting in married in Colorado in December, and her bridal party lives all over the country. So we are all meeting in Austin TX! Hannah and I lived together for most of college, and we have been visiting each other a few times a year since graduation. Although I haven't seen her since last fall, so I am so excited to just see her again. Especially for such a happy occasion! So here is a little bit of what I will be bringing with me on the trip. It is supposed to be a little hotter than Charlotte weather, and we plan on having lots of pool time. I'll be sharing some of the fun on Instagram, be sure to follow along!

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Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Week 4

This is the last week of my Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe series! I actually starting working full time 2 years ago today, so I think it's quite appropriate this post fell on this day. So, you know how I have been saying this series is 21 outfits for 21 work days from 21 pieces? Well I planned 21 outfits, but only took photos for 20 #bloggerfail. Anyway, in case you missed them, here are the first, second, and third weeks!

Wednesday, July 25th
Similar dress | Heels | Necklace | Similar bag

Thursday, July 26th
Shirt | Similar earrings | Skirt | Similar heels | Similar bag

Friday, July 27th
Silk top | Skirt | Heels | Bag | Similar earrings

Monday, July 30th
Similar shirt | Dress | Flats | Similar bag

 Tuesday, July 31st
I'll just be totally honest, I forgot to take a photo...but it was supposed to be the gingham pants and pink button down, with nude flats!

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2 Years in Charlotte- 10 Things I Love About the Queen City

 2 years ago today, I moved to the Queen City! I grew up in Greensboro NC, went to college in Erie PA, and moved back to Greensboro after graduation. I spent a few months at home and then moved about 80 miles south, to the city I am so happy to call my home! Last year, I reflected on my first year here, as it was also my first year out on my own. So this year, I thought I would share 10 things I love about living in Charlotte!

1. Always Something To Do
I feel like there is always something to do in Charlotte, especially in the warmer months. From festivals (this photo was before the Breakaway Music Festival last year), games for the football, basketball, and baseball teams, events at bars and restaurants, holiday bar crawls, shopping events, and so much more!

2. Weather
This isn't exactly unique to Charlotte, it's more a reason why I enjoy living in the south. We have warm weather for most of the year, starting in late March and typically going through the end of October. After living in Erie PA for college, it was cold (and very snowy) for most of the school year. So I learned to really appreciate the weather down here. The city also shuts down for the smallest amount of snow, which is why I chose to feature the above photo. During college, I never once had class cancelled for weather, even if there was 3 feet of snow on the ground. But since I have moved back, I have gotten to leave work early or stay home for the slightest bit of snow!

3. Restaurants and Coffeeshops
It seems like there is a new restaurant opening every week in Charlotte. It is so fun to try new places with friends and family. Some of my favorites are Aix-en-Provence, Yafo Mediterranean Street Food, Cantina 1511, Cafe Monte, Ink N Ivy, and Ruru's Tacos and Tequila! There are also some great coffeeshops to spend some time like Amelie's French Bakery (pictured above), Parliament Espresso, and Central Coffee Co.!

4. Breweries and Bars
A lot of my weekends this past spring and summer have been spent at Charlotte breweries. There are many to choose from (apparently in 2017 there were 43), and new ones opening all the time. They are mostly located closely together, so it is a lot fun to hop around to a few throughout the day. Beer has never been my drink of choice. But most breweries have cider, wine, and some even have cocktails! As for bars, there are great options in almost every neighborhood. Want a rooftop bar? Head uptown. Want to pretend you're still in college? Go to Montford. Whether you want to sample craft beers, enjoy fancy cocktails, watch a Panther's game, have an unlimited rosé tasting (pictured above), or just dance all night, there's a bar for you!

5. Shopping
I don't think it will be a surprise that this fashion blogger loves to shop. Between some great malls like SouthPark and Charlotte Premium Outlets, boutiques like Bevello, Ivy and Leo, and Vestique, and shopping events like the Girl Tribe pop-up, there's a lot to see (and buy) in Charlotte!

6. Fitness Community
I recently reflected on the Charlotte fitness community on Instagram, but it is easily one of my favorite parts about living here. Working out as a whole has brought so much positivity to my life. And in Charlotte, there are so many studios to try out that offer some amazing workouts, and SweatNet Charlotte that brings all of fitness addicts together!

7. Carolina Panthers
Although I have always lived in Panthers territory, I had never really followed the NFL until I moved here. The Panthers bring a lot of fun to the city. Even if you can't make it to the stadium, bars and breweries have watch parties, and you see Panthers gear all over the city on Sundays.

8. Art Scene
As with most larger cities, there are many opportunities to see some amazing art in Charlotte. My favorites are Charlotte Ballet, the Mint Museum of Art, the Broadway series at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, and the Summer Pops in the Park series by the Charlotte Symphony!

9. Proximity to Carolina Beaches and Mountains
Just like the weather, this isn't really unique to Charlotte. But in the Carolinas, you are a short drive away from both the beach and the mountains! Just in 2018 I have have taken trips to Blowing Rock NC, Asheville NC, Carolina Beach NC, and Pawley's Island SC!

10. Charlotte Pride
There is a sense of pride that is really present in Charlotte. I think that might be because a lot of population is not originally from Charlotte (except for my boyfriend, hey TJ!). But it is always fun to see the skyline and CLT (the airport code) all over hats, shirts, even the sides of buildings!

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