Loving Lately: Floral Heels

I have recently been really obsessed with floral heels. I feel like they make such a statement and look so great with a plain dress or white jeans. And, they are an understated way to wear flowers in the spring and summer. Here are some of the pairs I've been loving lately!
Floral Heels

1. Ann Marino slingback pumps
2. Boden Chelsea slingbacks
3. Ivanka Trump Gessa sandal
4. Jeffrey Campbell floral print sandal
5. Jessica Simpson Claudette D'Orsay pumps
6. Qupid Pointed Toe Floral D'Orsay pumps 
7. Steve Madden Gallery floral heels
8. Guess Rabbit pointy toe pumps

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Milly for Kohls

Milly has just released a collaboration with Kohl's and it is fantastic! I have always really loved Milly but cannot really afford much of their pieces as a college student. I have one dress that I found on major sale that I love though! I had not heard about this collab until after it was already released, but I was so excited to hear it was already available! Especially after the Lilly for Target disaster, I talked about that experience on Instagram last week.
Left dress, middle dress, right dress
I actually went right down to my local Kohl's last Friday to check it out. They didn't have all of what was online (some products are online only) but I tried on some really cute dresses! Unfortunately, the smallest size available in the store was too long on me. They do have smaller sizes available online though!
The blue floral dress I tried on is probably my favorite from the collection, but here are some of my other favorite pieces:
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RocksBox Review

I'm a new RocksBox It Girl, and I just got my first box! 

If you haven't seen anything about RocksBox lately, it's a subscription service where you pay $19 a month and they send you 3 pieces of jewelry every month from some of my favorite jewelry designers like Kendra Scott, Loren Hope, Gorjana, and many others. Each box has roughly $200 worth of jewelry, you wear it for a month, and you can send it back. If you really love a piece, each one that comes in your box has a special Shine Insider discount. Then you get another 3 pieces of gorgeous jewelry for the next month! And you can use code caralinastylexoxo to get your first month of RocksBox for free!

In my first box I got:
1. Kendra Scott Andrea necklace
I actually already had the Isla pendant in the same white iridescent so I can't wait to wear these pieces together! 

2. Kendra Scott Haylee ring
In case you didn't know I love Kendra Scott, so I was very happy I got 2 pieces and I've been wearing the ring non-stop! I already have another the Ella drusy ring so I have been wearing them together, on the same hand with different fingers and stacked on top of each other.

3. SLATE chain cuff
I didn't know if I was going to like this piece because it didn't really look like something I would pick out for myself, but I actually love it! Mostly because it actually fits my small wrist, which is very hard to find! I basically only wear adjustable bracelets for that reason, but this one fits great!

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More Boot Socks

Today is my last post for the style challenge with Bootights! Today I'm wearing a pair of the Ellevator boot socks, which I have been wearing on repeat lately! They can be worn as knee high socks like I'm wearing them, or over the knee, thigh high, or even scrunched down for shorter boots. Like I have said in the past two posts of the style challenge, all of the tights and boot socks by Bootights have ankle socks for the feet and are like tights on the legs, which are pretty great! 
You can use code STYLE25 for 25% off your order and free shipping of Bootights from April 20th-May 2nd, and we have teamed up for a giveaway which will be at the end of this post! 

Also, the snow mounds are no longer around here, these photos were taken a few weeks ago!

Sweatshirt: J. Crew (similar), Shirt: J. Crew Factory, Jeans: J Brand, Boots; Vince Camuto, Boot socks: c/o Bootights, Necklace: Cara Accessories via Rue La La (similar, similar), Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Coat: bought by my parents in NYC several years ago (similar)

Now it's time for the giveaway!
To win a package full of Bootights products, one of each of their product I have worn this week, the original tights, the 2 different pairs of boot socks, and some promotional goodies!
To enter:
-You must be following me and Bootights on 
 Instagram (BooTights, Caralina Style)
and Pinterest (BooTights, Caralina Style)
-Like and share the contest posts on Facebook
-Comment (on that Facebook post) with your favorite style or look for spring

*If you don't have Instagram or Pinterst, you only need a Facebook to be entered

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Lace Boot Socks

Today is day 2 of the Bootights style challenge! Today I'm wearing a pair of the Darby Lace boot socks, which have regular ankle socks at the feet, a tight like material for the rest of the sock, and lace on the edges to peek out of the boots. They aren't too thick to wear over pants in the spring and I don't have to wear regular socks over the tights! They come in a variety of fun colors but I love this neutral cream color. They have given me a discount code for my readers, use code STYLE25 for 25% off your order and free shipping from April 20th-May 2nd!
Bootights also has a Campus Ambassador Program for college students. This program would give you experience in marketing, brand management, and PR along with commission for your sales and free Bootights products! They are looking for self motivated girls involved in campus activities to promote their tights around your campus, host events, network with on campus organizations, and develop marketing strategies through social media, word of mouth, and event marketing. Interested? Check out this part of their site for more information. 

Sweater: J. Crew (similar), Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Jeans: J Brand, Boot socks: c/o Bootights, Boots; Vince Camuto, Sunglasses: Anthropologie (similar), Necklace: J. Crew (similar), Earrings: Kendra Scott, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)
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Stripes, Tights, and Flamingos

Today is the first of 3 posts styling tights and boot socks with Bootights! These tights and boot socks all have regular ankle socks connected to the tights or boot socks which are really awesome! Today I am wearing the black Core Collection tights. They are so comfy and warm, but not too warm to still be worn in the spring up here. We have barely had temperatures above 60 lately, and it's still in the 30s and 40s in the mornings, so they have perfect since I am so sick of wearing pants all the time. I always wear regular socks over tights when I wear them with boots, so these tights just save me a step having them combined! They also gave me a discount code for my lovely readers. Use code STYLE25 for 25% off your order and free shipping from April 20th-May 2nd!

Bootights were created to avoid a number of problems like blisters that could come from wearing tights and boots, getting a snag or run in your tights from a boot zipper, and even going through airport security and revealing the socks you are wearing with your tights are, less than cute. They were actually first manufactured in Hickory, NC which isn't too far from where I'm from! And probably my favorite part about them is they are American made. My dad is part of a company that makes 100% American (actually North Carolina) made office furniture fabric, and I have been raised to appreciate the quality of an American made product, textiles especially, so I am so excited to support this company. 

Also the location of these photos is kind of weird, it was supposed to be on the beach of Lake Erie that's frozen but they had these weird dirt mounds on top of the ice, so not quite what I was planning, but it worked I guess. And as always it was super windy, so please excuse the hair/scarf/dress or whatever is flying around!

Dress: J. Crew, Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer (old print, current prints), Tights: c/o Bootights, Boots: Hunter kids, Sunglasses: Anthropologie (similar, similar), Ring: Kendra Scott, Earrings: gift from my parents (similar)

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Spring Nail Colors

I paint my nails probably every 5 or 6 days, and I hate not having any color on them at all. And for spring I almost always wear a pastel color (cue Miranda Priestly). As much as I love bright colors in all forms, they usually wait until summer until they are on my nails very often. Anyway, here are some of my favorites, most of these I have actually owned myself for a while and I love them!

Spring Pastel Nails

1- Essie Mojito Madness
2- Essie Mint Candy Apple
(an all time favorite of mine, had since high school)
3- Essie Sittin' Pretty
4- Butter London Kerfuffle
5- OPI Alpine Snow
6- OPI You're Such a Budapest
7- OPI Elephantastic Pink
(another all time favorite of mine that I've had since high school)
8- Ciate Strawberry Milkshake

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Instagram Confessions

I thought I would be real with my readers in this post. I plan on having some Blogger Bloopers coming up too! Anyway, like most social media platforms, Instagram really only shows the highlights of your life. And as much as I love looking at perfectly curated photos (not that I would say mine are), some weird things usually go into taking them. So here is what really went into some of my recent posts from my feed, @cara_194. These are kind of stupid little things, some are actually pretty embarrassing. But it's just some things that go into blogging not everyone might have known. 
To take this I first took probably way too much time arranging the clothes. And then my dresser is underneath my bed (it could be 4 drawers put on top of each other, or 2 sets of 2 drawers on the floor) so I was standing basically in the crack between the dresser and the bed, and I'm sure it would have been quite the sight if any of my roommates walked in while I was taking it. 
I've put this mug into several posts and honestly, it's been empty in a few of them. In this one I was drinking some dark hot chocolate out of it, but it was empty in both this post and this post.
So for this one, I took probably 15 pictures because my dog kept moving. Also I've been posting this ring a lot since I got it, wearing it on this finger. But I actually wear it on my right ring finger, and I'm right handed, so it's just easier to take the photos with my right hand. 
Part of the Honda symbol is covered up because the silver has chipped off there. Also this was taken right after I had filled my gas tank and I didn't realize there was a car behind me, waiting on me to drive away from the pump. I drove right away and felt so awful I held them up! I think it was for maybe 10 seconds, but still!
Another car gram, I was taking this in the parking lot of the grocery store I bought the flowers from. I got some weird looks when a car pulled into the spot next to me and I was moving the items around and taking multiple photos of them...
This was actually yesterday's post, the pen in the photo hasn't had ink in it for over a year. And it's probably no surprise the note was actually written with a whole different pen, but I just keep the one in the photo around, because it's pretty.
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Mirrored Sunglasses Monday

I'm really obsessed with mirrored sunglasses and have been for probably a year. The don't really look that great on me, but I still think they are so pretty! I think they put a fun twist on classic frames and can really add something to an otherwise bland outfit. Here are some of my favorites for this year from many different price points ranging from $7-$137, but most under $100!
Mirror Monday

1- TOMS Bellevue Sunglasses
2- Ray Ban Large Aviator Sunglasses
3- Tildon Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses
4- Crap Eyewear "The TV Eye" Sunglasses
5- Steve Madden Mirrored Sunglasses
6- Loft Mirorred Round Sunglasses
7- Charlotte Russe Colorblock Plastic Sunglasses
8- Le Specs Half Moon Mirrored Sunglasses
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Insta Lately

Here are just some snaps from my Instagram, follow along if you aren't already @cara_194!

About a month later I'm still obsessed with this dress, that I have still yet to buy...

Ring, Dress, Boots, Boot Socks, Scarf in current prints
Chilling with my dog a few weeks ago at home

Necklace, similar shirt
First fishtail I've done since high school for a windy day

Sunglasses, very similar boots
It snowed I think 3 times last week, I'm only a little sick of it

Similar sunglasses, similar bag
Trying to brighten up a dreary day with some flowers

Bracelets: druzy, knot (sold out online, from Loft), monogram, Ring, Similar shoes, Jeans (found for about $60 at Sak's Off Fifth)
I was so excited to get the top two bracelets for a really great deal from Loft when they had 70% off their sale items. It's really hard for me to find bracelets that fit but since these are all adjustable, they're perfect!

Similar Necklace, tassel key chain, retail version of the earrings (mine are from the outlet)
One of my favorite Lilly quotes

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