Instagram Confessions

I thought I would be real with my readers in this post. I plan on having some Blogger Bloopers coming up too! Anyway, like most social media platforms, Instagram really only shows the highlights of your life. And as much as I love looking at perfectly curated photos (not that I would say mine are), some weird things usually go into taking them. So here is what really went into some of my recent posts from my feed, @cara_194. These are kind of stupid little things, some are actually pretty embarrassing. But it's just some things that go into blogging not everyone might have known. 
To take this I first took probably way too much time arranging the clothes. And then my dresser is underneath my bed (it could be 4 drawers put on top of each other, or 2 sets of 2 drawers on the floor) so I was standing basically in the crack between the dresser and the bed, and I'm sure it would have been quite the sight if any of my roommates walked in while I was taking it. 
I've put this mug into several posts and honestly, it's been empty in a few of them. In this one I was drinking some dark hot chocolate out of it, but it was empty in both this post and this post.
So for this one, I took probably 15 pictures because my dog kept moving. Also I've been posting this ring a lot since I got it, wearing it on this finger. But I actually wear it on my right ring finger, and I'm right handed, so it's just easier to take the photos with my right hand. 
Part of the Honda symbol is covered up because the silver has chipped off there. Also this was taken right after I had filled my gas tank and I didn't realize there was a car behind me, waiting on me to drive away from the pump. I drove right away and felt so awful I held them up! I think it was for maybe 10 seconds, but still!
Another car gram, I was taking this in the parking lot of the grocery store I bought the flowers from. I got some weird looks when a car pulled into the spot next to me and I was moving the items around and taking multiple photos of them...
This was actually yesterday's post, the pen in the photo hasn't had ink in it for over a year. And it's probably no surprise the note was actually written with a whole different pen, but I just keep the one in the photo around, because it's pretty.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Haha I love posts like this!! Too cute!

    xoxo A

  2. The matching nail polish photos are too adorably perfect, haha! <3 Your notebook is SO cute, though! Xoxo


  3. This is so perfect haha I need to do a post like this! But I love your Instagrams!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  4. I'm so guilty of little things like that! I can't tell you how much time i spent arranging everything to take a picture of my spring break essentials!
    Carly June { Cinci Prep }

  5. These are my favorite posts! It's so funny how we all try so very hard for the perfect shot!

  6. That first photo, uh can I have it all puhlease? Adore all your cute pieces! Also isn't it just the worst when your pup keeps moving when all you want is to get a good photo? Happens to me all the time! Great post!

  7. Nice pics!

    Lots of love,