Memorial Day Sales

Happy Memorial Day weekend! It's been quite a while since I've done a sale roundup (anyone remember when I used to do them every Friday?!). So here are a few favorites sales for clothing, accessories, and home decor going on this weekend.

Aerie- 30-60% off
Anthropologie- extra 40% off sale items
Athleta- 20% off
Banana Republic- 30% off full price styles
Boden- 25% off
Draper James- extra 30% off markdowns
J. Crew- 30% off and extra 60% off sale styles
J. Crew Factory- 40-70% off and extra 60% off clearance
Jack Rogers- 30% off
Joss & Main- 20% off
Kate Spade New York- up to 40% off
Lisi Lerch- 30% off all jewelry and select bags
Love Shack Fancy- up to 75% off select styles
Madewell- 25% off everything and extra 30% off sale
Mark & Graham- up to 70% off
Nordstrom Rack- extra 25% off sale
Old Navy- styles from $6 and up to 60% off
Pottery Barn-  up to 70% off
Printfresh- extra 20% off sale styles
Trina Turk- extra 30% off markdowns

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Recent Activewear Favorites

As much as I love dressing up, I'm also pretty practical in my clothing purchases. So when most of my time outside of working from home involves outdoor activities like hiking and (soon will be) biking, I'm buying more activewear than regular clothes. TJ and I have been taking day trips almost every weekend lately, and we usually center them around: something outdoors, exploring a new area, and stopping into antique stores. So something like an exercise dress or a tennis skirt has been ideal for these trips. I built up quite the collection of activewear when I was frequenting workout classes in Charlotte. So it has been fun to add some different types of pieces like dresses and skirts!

 I posted awhile ago about Exercise Dresses and what I was looking for in one. I finally found one that was in a bright color, with built in shorts, at a decent price. I found this bright pink one and have been loving it. This dress is so comfortable, and has been great for hiking and to wear while traveling. I've actually liked the dress so much I bought it in a second color! It didn't hurt that I got a $20 off code with the first purchase...but I think we all knew that I was going to want the navy one too.

I have also been loving that tennis skirts have joined the dresses in being worn for other activities lately. I got this one from Aerie and wore it hiking last weekend. I love that the sides are shorter, which can make your legs look longer. It reminded me of some of the skirts I loved to wear in rehearsal back when I was in ballet. Although a different style, I've had my eye on this gingham one for awhile too.

And I sort of mentioned in the beginning of the post, TJ and I have also recently ordered bikes. So I'm sure there will be more to come in this category. I also plan to share a big roundup of our weekend day trips at some point!

Some more favorites:

The Blue Swan: My Online Vintage Shop

I'm so excited to share the launch of my online vintage shop! You can shop my initial 25 items now available on The Blue Swan!

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you know many of my weekends are spent antiquing. It quickly became an activity TJ and I both enjoy. I have come across so many pieces that I would have loved to have picked up. But either didn't have a place to put it, or was a little too feminine for our home. So now I am taking these pieces home, and passing them along to you! Plus, some great accessories to make any look more classic like bow brooches and brass shoe clips. I couldn't be more excited about curating this shop. I hope you'll take a look around on the site, as well as following along on Instagram and TikTok.

A few favorites from my grand opening launch:

Also, apologies for the absence on the blog lately. I have spent a lot of the past few weeks getting this launch put together. I plan to be back more often now that it is up and running. And will be posting more about my latest offerings!

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Stoney Clover Lane x Target

Hat | Packing cubes | Duffel bag | Nail Polish: Pink, Purple, Green | Beach Chair | Sunglasses | Letter Patch | Green Bikini: Top and Bottom | Blue Stripe Set: Top and Shorts | Beach Umbrella

Are you planning on shopping the Stoney Clover Lane collection at Target? It launches Saturday, April 2nd, and I think it is just so much fun! I am somewhat new to the Stoney Clover brand, I think I first heard about them when they collaborated with American Girl last fall. They make the cutest travel bags and pouches, and letter patches I have been seeing all over laptops and phones on TikTok. This collection seems to be a little outside of their typical product offering with colorful beach gear, summer clothing, and even custom nail polish colors from my favorite nail polish brand, Olive and June! You may have heard about them on podcast ads, and I can confirm everything they say is true! Their top coat is magic and the polish lasts longer than any other I've ever tried. Anyway, I am expecting this launch to be similar to other Target collaborations, where everything sells out in minutes. So I might end up missing out, but I would love to snag any of the above. Especially the green swimsuit, pink sunglasses, or any of the nail polish colors!

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White Dress Picks

Bottom row: Gold detail | Lace | Shift dress

Now that we are officially in spring, it's about time to round up some white dresses! Whether you're going to be a graduate, a bride, or have any other fun spring or summer occasion. I've put together some of the white dresses that have been catching my eye lately. But for brides to be specifically, I broke down all of the white dresses I wore before my wedding in this past post!

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What I Look For While Antiquing

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you probably know my husband and I have gotten really in to antiquing in about the last two years. Moving cities in the middle of the pandemic hasn't been ideal. But one thing we have really enjoyed about the Atlanta area is the amount of estate sales happening every weekend (I have a full post on that here), and stores to visit in different directions of the city. Plus huge monthly antique markets to visit like Scott's Antiques the 2nd weekend of each month. And Lakewood 400 Antique Market the 3rd weekend of each month. This past weekend, we went east of the city and discovered some great little stores. The previous weekend we went north in to the mountains, splitting the day between shopping and hiking. It seems like we will never run of places to visit...but maybe I'll have to report back on that. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share what we are looking for while we make these visits!

Wedgwood Jasperware
 Wedgwood Jasperware has a lot of history, which you can read all about here. It comes in a range of colors (approximately 30), the light blue above is the most common. The pieces I see the most often are small dishes/trays, trinket boxes, plates, small vases, and ornaments. Plus the same cameo details on jewelry like pendants, earrings, and brooches. I've rounded up close to 10 light blue pieces, but I'm hoping to collect a few pieces in several more colors. I've already gotten a start on: sage green, dark blue, rose pink, black, teal, and primrose yellow. Prices vary by the size of the piece and the color. The pale blue is always priced the best, some small pieces like dishes can be found for as low as $5-$10. But the same piece in a color like lavender or yellow could be more like $60. The larger pieces also tend to jump in price, many going for over $100. This of course also varies by seller, but I'm always entertained searching for more Jasperware!

Blue and White Pottery
The most common find at any antique store is likely to be a blue and white pottery piece. There are endless options from ginger jars, vases, bowls, plates, candle holders, planters, umbrella holders, garden stools, the list could go on and on. The most common styles you will see are Chinoiserie (more info here) or Delft (more info here). I have probably picked up more pieces that could fit in to this category than anything else. Reproduction pieces (but still vintage) are typically very affordable, but original pieces can get very pricey. For example a similar looking ginger jar could cost $30 for the copy while the original could run up to around $500. I prefer to only buy vintage pieces of this style, I tend to think any new pieces (from places like HomeGoods) don't blend well together with the vintage ones. But they're so versatile and could fit into just about any room and fit many different decor styles.

Most of my crystal so far is in new drinking glasses. We have monogrammed Waterford flutes from our wedding, I also found some stemless Waterford wine glasses at HomeGoods at the end of last summer. Prices tend to range based on brand, age (Waterford made in Ireland is always more expensive), and the size of the piece. But I've found some great prices on the above bud vase (Lenox), some tea candle holders (unknown brand), and a Waterford cross I found at an estate sale.  I'm hoping to end up with a large bowl and taller vase eventually.  I see both very often at antique stores and estate sales. I don't think we have the space at the moment, but would love to acquire some more when we eventually have a dining room.

I love the subtle shine of brass, and have touches of it throughout the house. There are so many options of antique brass, I've picked up: the above vases, 2 sets of bookends, a ginger jar, some trinket boxes, and a mirror tray with a brass border. I also like brass hardware, so any brass pieces tie the room together a little more. Most brass pieces I've seen are affordable, I typically pay between $10-$30 depending on the size of the piece. It's also pretty simple to polish and can go quite some time between polishing.

I only recently started looking for silver plate pieces, when I came across the above candlesticks a few months ago. I've since picked up a silver Revere bowl (you can learn more about that here) I plan to use for some flowers, and a platter. Polishing silver is a little more work than polishing brass, so I'm not sure how much more I'll end up collecting. But I've been enjoying finding a few pieces and getting them nice and shiny. Since I mostly look for silver plate, I typically see it at fairly low prices. But large serve ware is more expensive than the pieces I've collected so far. 

Some of my favorite recent jewelry finds have come from antique stores. I have always preferred gold tone over silver, and most of what I see in stores is gold toned. However, they can be hit or miss. Some pieces are instant favorites, like the earrings pictures above. But keep in mind that cheaper materials don't always age the best, and some earrings found for $3 could make your ears bleed after a few hours...that has only been on 1 occasion though. I've found some great statement pieces for $5-$10, and I now have a brooch on each one of my coats. Plus I work in the watch industry and as a result have become a big fan of vintage watches. So I am looking in every case in search of a Longines, Seiko, Bulova, or a few other great brands still around today.

Silk Scarves
I think my very first vintage purchase was a silk scarf. So you could say they started it all. I'm not opposed to buying silk scarves new, but I've found some beautiful vintage ones. I recently made a Reel with 12 different uses for them, they are truly the most versatile accessory!

Vintage bags can be great options for event style bags like clutches or with short top handles. They're also always available for very low prices. I have a few bags I love to bring to weddings, or this wicker and lucite one above is on constant rotation in the summer. However, I wouldn't advise shopping for vintage bags online, especially if you have one of the larger iPhones. They obviously were designed before phones were around, so I always have to make sure mine will fit in it first!

If you were wondering what my husband looks for while I'm looking for all of the above, he collects glass insulators. You can read more about them here, but there seems to be unlimited varieties of them. So he is always on the lookout for those, as well as vintage microphones, which he turns into lights. Plus musical instruments, and vintage gear of his alma mater, NC State University. Which is typically much easier to find in North Carolina. But despite what a lot of people expect (understandably so), antiquing is an activity we equally enjoy! We both have our categories we are hoping to find, but the thrill is in the hunt. You never know what you're going to find!

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Easter Decor Picks

I've had my mind on spring decor as soon as Valentine's Day ended. So it's about time I share some Easter decor picks! I shared on Instagram and Tiktok that I found some flocked bunnies from the Target Dollar Spot. I wasn't able to link the exact link, but I was able to find some similar ones. I also have a blue and white egg I found at an antique store, so I love all of these different print options. Even if you aren't doing much spring decor, a fun wreath is always an option. I saw the pastel egg one in the store recently and thought it was too cute!

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Weekend Style: Olive Green & Brown

Back at it with an outfit post! I can't guarantee there will be more anytime soon. But I brought my new camera out while my blogging friend Annaliese came to town! We spent the day in the Buckhead area, visiting the Atlanta History Center, a new coffee shop called Le Bon Nosh, and stopped into a few boutiques. We had some sunny and almost warm weather, I stayed comfy and just warm enough with some old favorites. Including this quilted jacket I've had since college. I also got to test out some recent buys from Tuckernuck: this olive silk scarf and large frame sunglasses!

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Exercise Dress Roundup

Top row: Red | Light blue | Orange
Bottom row: Gingham | Teal | Pink | Green

I have seen a few exercise dresses over the last few years, aka re-branded tennis dresses. But I think their availability has really increased for this spring. I'm all about it, and I am on the hunt for one in a fun color with the built-in bike shorts. So I thought I would break down a few options I think might be best. I don't think I would want to wear one of these dresses to a workout class, leggings are usually best suited for most classes I attend. But I think they would be great for going on a walk or hike, traveling, or just running errands. 

Starting with the top row: 
  1. This red dress is the best price point. It comes in a few other fun colors and prints. But it unfortunately does not have the built-in shorts. 
  2. I love the style of this light blue dress with the pleated skirt. I really wish it came in more colors, because I think I'm a little pale for that shade of blue. But the other options are black, white, and tan, and I'm really set on a brighter color.
  3. Ending this row with this orange dress, it comes in some great colors! It is the most expensive on this list, but is carried by Madewell. So I would think there is a good chance it will go on sale.

On the bottom row: 
  1. I think this gingham print is so fun. I also think the neckline is very flattering. But this dress unfortunately does not have the built-in shorts. 
  2. Then we have to mention the dress that made the term "exercise dress" popular, from Outdoor Voices. They have the most color options by far, and past colors/prints can be found on sale. 
  3. This pink option is one of several great colors that came out for spring. It has built-in shorts, and also comes in extended sizing.
  4. Lastly, I love this shade of green. As you can tell from the photo, this dress has built-in shorts. It also comes in some neutral colored prints.
There is another brand out there that will show up in just about every search term for these types of dresses. I won't name them, but I've heard that they just mark up items from drop-shipping companies, so I purposely left them out. But please let me know if there are any other great options I've missed!

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Favorite Recipes

Winter and fully working from home has me cooking a little more often than usual. So what better time to share a few of my favorite recipes? I have really enjoyed having a full kitchen since moving to Georgia, compared to the tiny one I had in my Charlotte apartment. I really loved that apartment, but the lack of counter space made it pretty difficult to cook. Anyway, I have been trying a lot of recipes since then. So let's take a look at a few of the standouts for dinners and healthier baking. By healthier baking, I mean a lot of traditional baking ingredients are substituted with things like maple syrup, coconut oil, or alternative flours.

I've probably made this recipe more than any other. It takes some time to make, but we love it. You could probably switch out the veggies, but I always use sweet potatoes and frozen broccoli. It instructs baking the sweet potatoes on their own first, but I just defrost the broccoli at the same time, on the same pan.

This one isn't quite the healthiest option (has a bit of butter), but oh is it good! I made this pretty often over the summer and always add some chicken.

I recently made this one for the first time, and know I will be making it again soon. The orzo makes it more filling than your average chicken soup, and the lemon adds a great flavor. But note you might need some extra broth when re-heating.

I make a slightly different version of this I found from a TikTok. The other version replaces the broccoli with spinach, and doesn't include mushrooms or onions. But it has become a favorite, I make it about once a month for dinner and usually get lunch out of it the next day as well.

I've only made this once, but I definitely plan to make it again soon! It is perfect for winter, and sort of a cross between a soup and a pasta dish. It also lasts quite awhile between 2 people.

"Healthier" Baking:
I've mentioned this one a few years ago and it's still great! I make them with coconut sugar in place of regular sugar and coconut oil in place of butter. You can sort of tell they are made differently, but only the slightest bit!

I recently found this one, and love a recipe designed for small portions. It could easily be halved for a single portion, but it was very quick to make for TJ and I. It's sort of a combination of a mug cake and an oatmeal bar.

I've made these several times in the last few weeks. They're super quick, and a serving of fruit! The taste reminds me of those Brookside chocolate fruit snacks, a definite favorite for pomegranate season.

I made these a few times last fall. They're very simple to make and if you have a mini muffin tin, I think a great size to keep around.

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Pajama Picks

I tend to spend a lot of time in the winter in pajamas. There's just something so cozy about curling up in a pajama set with a cup of tea. I always say I don't like winter, but that is one part of it I do always appreciate. My mind has been set to spring lately, but here a few of the cutest sets I've seen to get us through the rest of winter.

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