Yep, I Got Another T-Shirt Dress

Just another addition to my t-shirt dress collection...who's surprised? I'm sure no one is, but I thought it was appropriate to post now in hopes that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale might be happening next week. It has been held over Labor Day Weekend over the last few years. But I've been wondering if that will still be happening, with the big sale they had at the end of June. Which just so happens to be when I scored this dress. Either way, I was very excited to find this dress in that last sale since this print has my 2 favorite flowers: peonies and hydrangeas. I also found got a white shift dress I recently wore for engagement photos, that I am very excited to be sharing soon in a Wedding Wednesday post!

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Fitness Friday 26

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! I have been amping up the outdoor workouts this month as more are becoming available, and I have really been enjoying it. As I'm mentioned in some recent fitness posts, it was pretty tough for me to stay motivated to workout at home with the limited space I have to move in. But I am almost back to the amount of classes I was going to pre-quarantine, just all outdoor with a video or two mixed in. I also have been back in the office (with plenty of distance and masks), so things are starting to feel a little bit like normal again.

Week of 8/3-8/9
Jabs Choreo (more about Jabs in this post)
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Jabs Bands

Week of 8/10-8/16
Barry's on PopSugar Fitness
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Jabs Lower Body Blast

Week of 8/17-8/23
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Neighborhood Barre with SweatNET Charlotte on a rooftop
Jabs Choreo x Lower Body

Week of 8/24-yesterday
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Pilates on PopSugar Fitness (it doesn't have music, so put a playlist on)
Sweat Method outdoor "FIIT" class: strength training with a little bit of yoga

I also have to share my friend Sophie, creator of the Ballet Fit Theory class I always go to, has a cardio finisher on PopSugar Fitness

  1. I'm on a bit of a smoothie kick at the moment, since I've been going to more outdoor classes I've been stopping at Smoothie King for the Greek yogurt strawberry blueberry. I need to find a recipe to make a similar one at home!
  2. I found this avocado toast recipe that has a some goat cheese as the first layer, and I love it as a small way to change things up.
  3. And on the snack front: I've been having a lot of a pretzel chips with hummus lately.


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Floral Shorts and Ruffle Top

Some sale finds, some vintage finds, and some of my jewelry all in this outfit. I found this ruffle top on sale recently that has been great to wear with printed shorts and skirts. I found the wicker bag at an antique store back in the winter has been a clear favorite of mine for summer. Plus I switched out the matching tie from the shorts with a navy vintage belt and tied the original belt as a headband. I'm also wearing a few bracelets and earrings from my Etsy. I have some more fall-themed pieces I will be adding to the shop this week!

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Floral Shorts and Vintage Finds

I'm not saying goodbye to summer prints any time soon, especially with the help of these shorts! This chambray I paired them with is on major sale and most of my accessories are some recent vintage finds. I love the color of the green scarf, and I think the sailboat pin adds a little bit more of a summer-y vibe.  I'm back in the (very casual) office this week, so I'm wearing the less accessorized version with sneakers lately. On an unrelated note, I need to get back into some Wedding Wednesday posts. We have so many of the largest things already booked, and are taking engagement photos (weather permitting) this week!

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Lighthouse Shift Dress

I may or may not have been saving this dress to post for when I uploaded my new logo! Very Val Designs reached out to me a few weeks ago about re-designing my logo. Which I have been meaning to do for quite some time now, as I made the previous one myself about 3 years ago. After just a few emails, Valerie created exactly what I needed! She was so sweet and because she's a student, very affordable! 
I wanted to keep the state map as I feel like my name is either clicks rights away for people, or they never get it. If you are one that has never gotten in it, my name is pronounced like "Care-a". It came from once being called Cara from Carolina. Although I still get lot of emails or comments addressed to Carolina or Caralina...so I think the state could help in some instances. But I also love the periwinkle color, and she also made an alternate color version.
On to the outfit, I added yet another printed dress to my shift collection for just $10 from the Lauren James sale I mentioned a few posts back. I found it in another print still available here, and I wish I had more reasons to wear it this summer. But just like all of my other shift dresses, I'm sure I'll keep it around for several summers to come!

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White Eyelet Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit makes me happy for several reasons: it is made in petite sizing, the ruffle straps, and it has pockets! I didn't intend for this to be a wedding related post, but it goes without saying that this jumpsuit is a great option for brides. I think I'll end up saving it for my bridal shower next spring, but it is an extra 70% off this week! I've styled it with everyday favorites of pearl studs and a pearl pendant. Plus I found this pearl embellished headband that I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of over the next year!

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