Lighthouse Shift Dress

I may or may not have been saving this dress to post for when I uploaded my new logo! Very Val Designs reached out to me a few weeks ago about re-designing my logo. Which I have been meaning to do for quite some time now, as I made the previous one myself about 3 years ago. After just a few emails, Valerie created exactly what I needed! She was so sweet and because she's a student, very affordable! 
I wanted to keep the state map as I feel like my name is either clicks rights away for people, or they never get it. If you are one that has never gotten in it, my name is pronounced like "Care-a". It came from once being called Cara from Carolina. Although I still get lot of emails or comments addressed to Carolina or Caralina...so I think the state could help in some instances. But I also love the periwinkle color, and she also made an alternate color version.
On to the outfit, I added yet another printed dress to my shift collection for just $10 from the Lauren James sale I mentioned a few posts back. I found it in another print still available here, and I wish I had more reasons to wear it this summer. But just like all of my other shift dresses, I'm sure I'll keep it around for several summers to come!

Thanks for reading!

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