Wedding Wednesday: Less than 100 Days

I can't believe we are now less than 100 days out from our wedding! Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day, I just had to post the green dress from our engagement photos for this post. I had mentioned in my last Wedding Wednesday post I would do a 6 month update, but was a little busy trying to get everything worked out to get to Atlanta at the time. So, here I am 3 months later...with 3 months left to go! Quite a few large aspects of planning have been very touch-and-go with Covid restrictions. 
We are currently at 30% capacity at our reception venue, which cut our guest list in half. We are basically at just family and wedding party. We are hopeful it will open up a bit to invite some more friends. But the venue also is not allowing cocktail hour or dancing beyond TJ and I's first dance, and the parent dances.  Additionally, we had to change rehearsal dinner venues as our original one lowered their capacity to just 16 people through the remainder of 2021. At this point, we are just thankful that North Carolina recently lifted their ban on alcohol sales after 9pm. 
However, I think things are really looking up as far as vaccines go. Both of our grandparents, our priest, my parents, some more family members on both sides, and a few friends have gotten at least the first shot already. So we are optimistic that at the very least, the older crowd will be all set by June. If we've learned anything over the last year, a lot can change in a few months time!

Let's pick up where we left off with what was "in progress" in the last post:
Wedding Website
This is now all set, we did end up using Zola and I really like their options.

Save the Dates and Invitations
We are working with a local shop and hoping not un-invite anyone. So we waited until we had an update from our reception venue in January to send out Save the Dates to our smaller list. We will hopefully have a longer list by the time invites are going out.

Honeymoon Planning
We are very excited to be heading to Puerto Rico for 10 days after the wedding!

Bridesmaids Dresses
I mentioned we were buying through Brideside, which became quite the adventure. I originally picked them because they had a Charlotte showroom, and had a home try-on option. So my Charlotte girls got to try on dresses there. Then the ones out of town had a few styles sent through the mail that they were able to try on at home. The dresses were supposed to arrive in December, but Brideside went out of business with no warning just a few weeks before. Luckily, we had ordered styles from a larger bridesmaid's site, so we didn't have to completely start from scratch. Brideside had sent them the orders, but not the money. So my girls all had to file credit card disputes, and we had to re-order all of the dresses. But the new order arrived in January, and as of last week, everyone thankfully got their money back!

Currently in progress:
Welcome Bags
My mom is all over these, and I think having a lot of fun putting them together!

Groomsmen Attire
TJ recently looked at some details and we are looking for a bow-tie outside of the tux rental, so he will be able to keep part of his wedding look.

Pre-Cana and Mass Details
As I have mentioned in some past posts, we are getting married in a Catholic church. So we have completed the virtual version of a Pre-Cana course, but still have some more to do with a priest. We also still need to pick our readings and the music for the Mass.

Reception Details
We have a day-of coordinator helping us out with some of these more fine-tuned details like a welcome sign, escort cards, etc.

Bridal Portraits
I just picked my dress up from being altered, and will be having my hair and makeup trial done when I have my portraits taken in April. I also ended up choosing a different pair of shoes!

Pre-wedding Events
My mom's sweet friends are throwing me a bridal shower in a few weeks, my best friend has planned a bachelorette weekend in Charleston, and TJ's family is having a couple's shower for us closer to the main event!

Thanks for reading!