Equipment I Have Bought For My New Camera

I have mentioned in a previous post, I bought the Canon M50 Mark II camera back in January, which is their entry-level mirrorless SLR. This was an upgrade to an old EOS Rebel I have had since 2009. It unfortunately stopped working towards the end of 2019, but I didn't look to repair it, both because I was working with the amazing Deeana Kourtney Photography (miss her so much!) when I was living in Charlotte for blog photos. And for everything else, iPhone camera quality has come pretty far since the days were I was using most using that first camera. Fun fact, I'm pretty sure the phone I was using at the time I got my first camera was bright orange with a slide-out keyboard!

I didn't have many lenses with the first camera: a 55-250mm telephoto lens, and a fixed 50mm (which you might have heard as the "nifty fifty") lens. But I would now need an adapter to use either of those lenses on the new camera with the EF-M mirrorless system. So after playing around with the kit lens for awhile, I started to look for a mirrorless equivalent of the 50mm fixed lens. One of the things I love about the mirrorless camera is it so much smaller and lighter than my old one. It fits in many of my bags (even a fanny pack!) with the kit lens. So I was hoping for something a little more versatile, but was also small.

 After a broad search of "best lenses for Canon M50 Mark II" I found a few recommendations for the Neewer fixed 35mm lens. I read a lot of reviews stating how great it performed for just $80 (for reference: most Canon lenses are about $250 minimum). Even though I was a little hesitant that the lens was manual focus only and I had not used a third-party lens before, I thought I would give it a try.  I unfortunately rarely strayed from autofocus over the years of using my other camera, so I thought now was the time to learn manual. I first tested the lens out after some rain, and I was very impressed with it!

All I have bought otherwise for this specific camera is this carrying sleeve. I didn't want a full camera bag, but this keeps it safe within a tote bag or handbag. I also have had the same tripod for about as long as my first camera. It looks like the exact one is no longer made, but this one looks like a pretty similar option.

Thanks for reading!

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