My Polyvore obsession

Even though I have had it forever, I am obsessed with Polyvore lately. So here are some of my favorite sets, if you follow me on tumblr then you have already seen them. Follow me on polyvore :)

Kate Spade

Kate Spade / Kate Spade shoes / Kate Spade handbag / Kate Spade / Kate Spade / Kate Spade / Kate Spade / Kate Spade jewelry / Kate Spade earrings
black, white and pink

Kate Spade / Kate Spade high heel / Earrings / Kate Spade earrings / Kate Spade jewelry / J.Crew j crew belt

J Crew j crew

J Crew j crew

J Crew j crew

Kate spade necklace

Kate spade


Kate spade

Kate spade


Neon Yellow


Nail Polish review: Sephora OPI

So I was at Marshall's the other day and I found this Sephora OPI for $4, I knew I had to buy it. The title is "If You've Got it Haunt it" I'm guessing it was part of a Halloween collection but it is a really pretty gray/silver glitter. I used OPI's "Barre My Soul" from the New York City Ballet collection as my accent nail so there was a soft color with this dark glitter.


I've had the OPI color for a few months now and it looks really nice after a few coats. The Sephora color I think needs a top coat for the glitter to be seen better, but I really like it

Dorm Room Organization Tips

So I just cleaned and organized my dorm and I thought before I came home I should make a post with how I organize my room, hope some of you find these helpful

I'll start with jewelry storage, I found this necklace stand at Marshall's last summer and its great for holding a lot of necklaces
I also like these jewelry organizers for inside drawers, I think this is from Marshall's too
I have a lot of headbands, and round boxes like this one are great for storing them (also from Marshall's)
Cute round boxes are also great for hair clips, bows, ribbons, whatever sort of small accessories
Have a lot of nail polish like my roommate and I? Line them against the window sill
Storage bins like this from Target are great to put under the sink and store hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons

The next few are all for helping fit everything into a small closet
Hangers are good ways to hang belts
and scarves, I might add a second hanger, its so cold here I need so many
Shoe racks are helpful for shoes and I use the top pocket for gloves and earmuffs
Hangers that can hang multiple items are great for small closets

and this is how I decorate my boring white walls